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Friday, January 8, 2010

A visit to new campus XD

Today we planned to go make a visit to our new campus at KL.. all of us gather at college..we'll meet evelyn at KL Sentral.. The girls.. Pei Ling, Sharon, Cheryl, Charmine, Jasmine, and Mehala.. while the boys.. Hui Rong, Zac, Siva and Mathew.. After ate a bit at Rejab, Mat and Siva drove all of us to Ktm Klang.. then we start our journey to KL.. hahaha... well.. i was quite blur.. coz we need to take ktm to dunno where.. then take that rapid kl train.. lrt.. ktm.. i'm so damn confuse... haha.. watever.. i just follow them.. i just can't imagine if i went to KL all the way on my own.. go to holland i also don't know i think... hahaha... Well.. after an hour of travelling.. we reached our destination finally... but we have to walk a big round to reach the front of our main campus.. coz they haven't build the bridge that can let us walk go through our college without need to walk a big round.. lolx.. With the hot weather.. sweat all over our body.. we manage to walk to our new campus.. hahaha... well.. it was as similar with the picture.. still in the building progress.. we are not allowed to go in so we just see from the outside lo.. ^^ After take few pictures.. we went to the Fraser dunno what F&N Company to ask for the nearest apartments that we might can rent when we shift there.. hmm.. got is got one la.. but we still need to take KTM... or drive to college.. transport matters again.. lolx.. we'll see how lo next year.. can consider to stay in the hostel if its cheap.. :D
Then, no where else to go.. off we back to Klang lo.. Goodbye new campus.. see ya soon :P

sweet couple of the day :D

this is so gay... lolx

but this is sweet.. =P

the guys :)

walking towards our new campus

turn a big round...

here we are... hahaha... XD

posing.. ^^

waiting for train at KTM... haha

ling and cheryl.. too tired jor.. lolx

forgot his name.. (siva's fren) =P

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