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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A wasted Friday =/

I got a replacement class for IT210 ACTUALLY today... I went to college.. but then.. I was late for almost an hour.. then.. I didn't go in.. i saw everybody was so damn focus.. don't dare to go in.. lol.. So, basically.. I just went to college for nothing.. wuwuwu... T.T then leh.. i follow chern yang back de ma.. no.. i mean.. he sending me back de.. then.. his gang say wanna go Sing K wor.. lolx.. went to eat at Chi Liung there.. the noodle shop.. all red red de.. nearby centre nia.. wahahaha... not bad la food.. quite nice lo.. it was raining too.. wuwu.. loo see went to dye hair also.. wahahaha.. wait me ya.. mine coming soon also.. ^^ after eat, i went back jor.. didn't join them for karaoke.. XD so..a wasted Friday just pass like that.. i mean went to college for nothing.. better sleep at home.. hahaha... XD

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