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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a happy day :D

Three happy things happen today.. :D

1st one was.. err.. not to say very happy also la.. haha.. watched Paranormal activity finally... :D
Well.. the movie ok la.. got make people suspen lo.. gan jiong feeling.. really get shock at the part where the woman been pulled out and the last part of coz.. hahaha.. treat Sharon for the movie.. haha.. coz i keep force her to go and watch.. she scare wan.. kaka.. never mind lo.. treat ma treat lo.. =P

2nd one leh.. 3-yi gave birth leh... yippie... boy boy lai de lo.. i got another new cousin jor.. baby boy.. haha... ^^ paiseh lo.. i really love baby de ma.. BABY SO CUTE lo.... small small.. hand small.. face small.. body small.. leg small.. OMG...damn the cute lo... hahahah... siao liao la.. lolx.. going to see him tomorrow... hee...wait for me ya ^^

3rd one leh... Finally.. for the first time.. I sing at centre.. wahahaha.. Can't believe it man.. sing only lo.. luckily not many people at there.. if not i sure very paiseh wan lo.. hahaha.. anyway.. i manage to take the first step.. sing i mean.. XOXO.. ^^

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