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Sunday, February 14, 2010

CNY 2010 Reunion dinner

Wooooohooooo....... Lalala... its CNY eve wei... wahahaha.. gonna get a lot of angpau tonight... weee... ^^ normally every cny eve.. all chinese people will have a reunion dinner with their family.. same as me.. afternoon go to mummy side which is my popo house eat.. then night go to papa side which is my ah mah house eat.. and that's when angpao start to come.. wahahaha... mummy side de tomorrow morning only take.. haha.. well.. any different this year? yeah.. there is... my 2nd uncle brought her gf then my long time didn't see de cousin became damn tall jor.. lol.. less meet dao him because he study at singapore one.. i think every cny only get to see him.. haha.. as usual... tables were set up.. chairs.. plates.. everything.. poor mummy.. she help ah mah cook till all her shirt wet.. sweat so much.. haha.. when all family members arrive.. dinner start.. wahahha... i drank wine wei.. ^^ after dinner.. kids started to play fire crackers as usual... boom boom pow whole night..hahahah... all of us were having fun.. then when the time we wanna take angpao.. it's MORE FUN... hehehehe... 

yum yum.... yummy food :D

eat eat eat... XD

poor kids.. eat at outside.. like candlelight dinner nia..hahaha

yam sengggggggggg ^^

again :D

lol.. hami pose lai de..hahaha...

kids who were playing fire crackers.. including my brother with the stripes shirt :)

the five brothers... my dad is the first one from the right :D

sam po zai... my mummy in bright green.. 2nd from right.. ^^

all cousins.... with amah :D

my uncle's gf XP


Soon later.. my family and I went home first.. before others.. because we need to go back and prepare for the prayers.. which we put the tables outside.. and there's a lot of foods.. fruits.. chocolates.. sweets.. and more.. pictures is available below :)

so many things.. lol..

zoom out XD

and out.. ^^

my brother in the fire crackers mission... hahaha... 


smoke from the fire crakers ^^

hong pao coming lo.. boom boom.... wahahhaha....

after boom boom... XD

burning silver paper ^^

fire fire... whoaaa.. XP

Woohoo.... I gotta feeling!!!! hahaa... not clubing ha.. lolx.. CNY is alwayys the best.. for KIDS la.. receive angpao nia.. How i wish i can be kids forever.. well.. although i'm already 19 this year.. but admit.. i'm still very childish.. lolx... XP Sleep sleep.. tomorrow gonna go out whole day.. collect angpao mission :D

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