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Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY 2010~~Woohooo... :D

CNY 2010... tiger year.. woohoo...... haha.. this year also same like previous year lo.. go visit house.. collect angpao.. haha.. just that this year have a new experience.. where i went to college fren's house.. 1 by 1 go visit.. from morning till midnight.. lolx.. not bad.. love it.. haha.. this year leh.. didn really gamble.. overall leh.. didnt win neither lose.. kaka..15 days... each day got different experiences.. Here's some story to share with you guys :)

Day 1 (14 Feb 2010, Sunday)
Went to popo's house.. but we were late.. everyone went back jor.. kaka.. so manage takt angpao from grandma nia.. lolx.. after eat, continue our journey with amah and gang.. go kapar.. visit amah's siblings.. then aunt's house.. finally back klang.. night time, went to bukit tinggi.. visit papa's friend.. han tian uncle.. almost every year also got go visit de.. since we at bukit tinggi liao, so one shot wanna go visit all relative who stay there de.. but 2-yi not in.. so went to 3-yi's house.. get to see hao hao and yuan yuan... yippie.. ^^ back home.. work pet.. cs.. rc.. everything done.. sleep.. rest.. gain energy for tmr... ^^

me and my siblings ss in the car ^^

yuan yuan :D

lolx.. she so high liao.. hide inside the thing.. haha

i join together =.=""

Day 2 (15 Feb 2010, Monday)
Amah them came to our house.. sit for a while.. then all of us together go to sg.way.. visit amah's sister.. 3rd sister if i'm not mistaken.. haha.. after that, to amah's 2nd sister.. at taman gembira.. her son which is my parent's cousin.. and their son is actually SAME CLASS with my brother.. lolx.. went till there.. they both see each other time didn't like say HI.. didn't seems to be suprise at all.. finally my brother told us only we know.. all of us were laughing.. haha.. what a small world.. lolx.. then we went to popo house to eat.. every cny 2nd day, there's a open house there.. when we reach there.. as usual.. and won't change.. my 1st and last uncle's friend were all there.. drinking and gambling.. open 2 table somemore.. haha.. popo's house were so pack till i had to stay in the kitchen.. haha.. a lot of small kids everywhere.. haha.. day 2 just over like that.. went home.. continue with my online job.. then sleep.. day 3.. busy planning for day 4..  friends party time :D

2nd day.. three of us ss again.. lolx.. 

haha.. so funny meh.. kaka

Day 3 (16 Feb 2010, Tuesday)
didn go out.. nobody came too.. online as usual.. while planning for tomorrow's day.. ^^
let me pose my ss pictures la.. ^^

day 1, day 2 and day 4 :)

Day 4 (17 Feb 2010, Wednesday)
Today is a little bit.. well.. not a little but quite busy..haha..  because today is where by all my friends came to my house.. haha.. there are 4 shifts.. in the morning is for my secondary school friends.. supposely, all have to come together but in the morning only those chinese came.. and they had to go back early because they going for movie.. then around 12-1pm plus only few malay frens came.. 2nd part for my secondary frens.. we played "Twister".. damn funny man.. haha.. although I made it myself but i succeed.. we were enjoying and keep laugh nonstop when we see various kind of funny moves.. hahaha... then.. around 2 plus.. college frens came.. not my intake de frens.. another group wan.. haha..  play mahjong.. and cards.. 

1st shift.. secondary school friends :D

take 1

take 2

the twister game :D

me and baby.. XD


2nd shift- college friends... ^^

2 by 2 :D

4 by 4 XD

Around 5pm we went to watch movie as planned.. go andalas fetch sharon from her ah gong de house.. then we went to aeon bukit tinggi to watch "PERCY JACKSON &  THE LIGHTNING THIEF" Oh yeah..... Logan Lerman... that's rite.. it's his real name and....... OMG..HE IS SO SO SO HOT!!!!! i don't want zac efron already... he would be the top in my cute guys list now... whoaaaa...... XD Love you Percy!!! I am so damn addicted to him right now till i put his picture as my wallpaper in my phone.. hahaha...^^ went to Mill Wheel to eat.. thanks to heng shen for the treat.. ^^ took few pictures.. then went back.. had a great movie.. ohh... it was awesome.. haha..

in the cinema ^^

at mill wheel time :D

two siao po.. lol.. 

four by four :D

five of us :)



3rd shift - college friends.. seniors.. XD

At the night,  i received an sms from ivan saying that they coming to my house later... what la.. i thought they coming tomorrow wan lo.. besides, my parents went out liao.. if they come also, no angpao take wan lo.. paiseh hor.. hehe.. ^^ hence, they really came.. lolx.. about 10pm plus.. gamble for a while.. then i follow them to CK's house... go there continue gamble... and first time saw his mummy... also first time saw his mummy so angry.. wuwu.. scare.. T.T that's all for day 4.. continue with day 5.. pei jun's turn.. kakaka.. XD

lai lai lai.. joyling and mc chong.. XD

take a picture ^^

money money come to me.. lolx.. XD

all in this together :D


ling ling and quarter MC.. lolx..

Day 5 (18 Feb 2010, Thursday)
Today is my sister's turn.. she called her secondary school friends to our house.. mostly is her classmates.. and guess what.. she even called teachers.. omg.. 3 teachers came.. i was still sleeping when they arrive.. after bath, i was afraid to go downstairs... because i don't know what should i react or do infront of those teachers...haha.. with my coloured-hair.. and they haven't see me so long since 2008 when i was form's been 1 year plus.. but finally, i went down at last.. 
because everyone seems like waiting for me to go down.. like VIP..kaka.. i shake hand with them.. haha. they were still the same.. one of them is my chemistry teacher, another one was the 2nd bigget in the school.. then PK Koko.. and another one was a very friendly teacher who are quite good with me.. hehe.. ^^ chit chat a while.. took few pictures.. my sister did play Twister with her friends too.. thanks to me.. haha.. my chemistry teacher even bought us a SECRET RECIPE cake.. full of chocolates... yum yumm.... thanks miss.. love you lotss... ^^ 

The chinese :D

up-- ling and all malays.. 
down-- jun and all malays..

secret recipe cake.. ^^ 

thx miss ju :)

At the night, me and my sis went to Sharon's house.. It was her brother's birthday and there is a small open house there.. ethan came to fetch us.. The lassalian brothers went there too.. At there gambling time, ethan and loon chong.. their modal was rm5.. and they won about rm60.. wow... each get rm30.. not bad wor.. haha..i didn't play.. just watch.. hehe.. back home sleep.. tmr continue.. got a long journey to go tmr.. gonna visit many houses tmr..hahaha... nitenite.. ^^

gambling time.. lolx

i wish to wish the wish i wish to wish.. lolx.. 

all of us :D

Day 6 (19 Feb 2010, Friday)
bai nian time with college friends..
[more details and pictures at next post ^^]

Day 7 (20 Feb 2010, Saturday)
3-yi's birthday party and hao hao's 1 month birth celebration :)
[more details and pictures at next post ^^]

Day 8 (21 Feb 2010, Sunday)

Morning--went to aeon bukit tinggi to watch movie.. dunno wat title was that.. but it was a chinese new year movie.. damn funny lo.. kakaka.. ate atkim gary b4 that.. took few pictures lo.. ^^

at kim gary time ^^

our foods and siao wendy de siao post..kaka.. 

two by two :D

four by four :D

me and baby XD

Night time.. bai ti kong lo.. red table out again.. more foods.. more fruits.. more thing to burn..haha.. ^^

mummy decorate de flower XD

to pai ti kong wan.. XD

preparing.. ^^

done.. XD

wah wah wahhhhhh XD

five of us :D

Day 9 (22 Feb 2010, Monday)
Kor fetch me back as usual from college.. then drop down for a while.. bai nian.. =p treat u eat secret recipe de cake somemore.. so xin fu lo u...other people didn't get also lo.. because when they came the cake haven't come yet.. kaka.. =P

kor enjoying cake.. ^^

ling ling with double 100 plus XD

Day 10 (23 Feb 2010, Tuesday)
Watched Percy jackson again with kor.. lolx.. kor treat wan.. so.. never mind lo.. but i buy popcorn and drinks de lo.. haha.. night time went yamcha with secondary school friends at mamak corner :) paiseh.. no pictures available.. XD

Day 11 (24 Feb 2010, Wednesday)
It's Hict cny event.. quite re nao lo.. everyone was red red de.. i love it.. hehe.. ^^
[more details and pictures at next post ^^]

Day 12 (25 Feb 2010, Thursday)
Went to MOS.. kaka.. XD
[more details and pictures at next post ^^]

Day 13 (26 Feb 2010, Friday)
nothing special happen.. ^^

Day 14 (27 Feb 2010, Saturday) 
nothing special happen.. ^^

Day 15 (28 Feb 2010, Sunday)
Jie jie and di di dating..hahaha.. parents going out.. so me and my brother went to pizza hut to eat.. yeah.. just both of us.. hehe.. pei jun stay home.. so we ta pao for her lo.. kaka.. mummy send us there went she go out time... then goin back tim, we walked back lo.. since not very far also.. ^^ oh yeah.. i manage to get the last angpao at the last day of cny.. hehe.. thx to mummy's fren, PJK aunty who came by to our house.. ^^ 

new pizza.. XD

Last day of the tiger year.. just end like that... feel so fast time past.. wait for next year.. the rabbit year.. HUAT ARRRRRRR........... ^^

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