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Friday, February 5, 2010

CNY celebration at HUC

HICT students have been invited to attend HUC's CNY event which held at Help University College.. 1 bus is provided and quite many of us went there.. yes.. including me.. sharon.. and few other friends.. most of my intake de friends.. they didn't follow bus because they go by car.. but the performers, ruby and chong heng follow bus together with us.. When we reach there.. i was a little bit suprised.. because i don't expect the venue for the event would be at car park.. i thought maybe its in a hall.. which got air conditioner wan lorh... hahaha.. what to do.. lolx.. there are games provided.. foods.. and also lucky draw as well.. HUC de student did a singing performance.. and sorry to say.. for me.. it was a duet by a girl and a guy by the way.. and its.. damn.. not nice.. >.<" maybe beginners la.. but.. they should have prepare earlier.. and better.. next time must bring our cheryl.. show them what's singing is.. hahaha.. chern yang was suppose to perform also.. but he don't want to.. ish.. >.<" and it started to rain.. but lightly la.. not that heavy.. wuwu... Chong heng solo time.. don't know what's wrong.. don't know he too nervous till forget lyrics or what.. suddenly in one part.. he quiet for a moment..lolx.. but though.. he still continue to sing and all of us still support him.. hahahaa... :D

ruby and chong heng duet :D

so got feeling wor.. hahaha


break time.. playing game session XP

chong heng solo ^^

ruby ask for autograph =p

fans who came to support.. XD

all so focus..hahaha...

aiyoyo... kar king and lay lin.. sweet dao a.. =P

playing game :D

hahaha... attack vincent a!!! XD

HICT students- all in this together :D

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