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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CNY Haircut + dye ^^ (02.02.2010)

Wooohoooo.... finally i get to dye my hair.. waited for so long jor.. ^^ Previously i dye reddish-brown colour.. this time.. i dye a colour which is quite bright.. haha.. something like a mixture of orange, brown and gold.. hahaha.. Went to saloon early in the morning.. for the sake of my leng leng hair.. i have to skip OL125 class..wuwu.. T_T by the time i get my hair done, its already noon time.. my sister didn't dye.. just straighten her hair nia.. hahaha.. but i know she wanted to.. mummy also got highlight her hair.. guess what colour?? GREEN.. lol.. but luckily the green not so obvious wan.. dark green.. hahaha... as usual.. did take a lot of pictures as well.. muahahahah.... XD

for my hair de.. =P

waiting for my turn... >.<""

got chance ss again =P

noob pose again.. lolx

start liao lo.. ^^

me and jun =P

mummy help me blow hair.. since aunty so busy..hahaha

jun cut hair.. kaka.. XD

mummy help her blow =p

aunty : "This zha bor a.. keep take picture wan.. ish..." hahaha.. XD

mummy wash hair.. ^^

blow herself..hahaha...


Before and after dye hair de me ^^

take picture in the car ^^

at home..

again.. =P

and again :D

More picture of my new leng leng hair picture =p :


siao ss page 1 :D

siao ss page 2 :D

More crazy ss picture of me and my sister at please check it out at my sister's profile :

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