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Friday, February 5, 2010

A day with Chern Yang :)

SAMAN YOU RM300!!! hahahaha... poor kor.. That day langgar red light.. then kena saman.. lol.. he didn't give the police "makan" also.. so guai meh? hahaha.. Then tody i accompany him to pay the saman.. hahaha... went there.. and he got to pay RM200.. he took the invoice.. but haven't pay yet.. then we head on to his house.. before going... he asked "are you afraid of dogs?" I was like.. oh okay.. guess your house got dog.. haha.. but he said his dog won't bite people de.. cute cute wan.. well.. we'll see how then.. hahaha.. well.. as what he said.. his dob was so adorable.. hahaha.. i'm not really scare la.. just need some time to pei her lo.. hahaha.. after that went he send me home.. then he came in for a while lo.. like exchange nia.. hahaha... and finally he took fansign pictures for me.. wakaka.. XD

BO BO... so cute nehhh... XD

i touch it!! S o brave of me.. hahaha.. XD

puppy also wanna play piano.. XD

so guai wan.. hahaha.. XD


stand up :D

ahahaha.. so cute neh.. XD

bad cy.. go pinch bo bo.. lolx

took fansign for me finally... hahaha

sleeping pose.. lolx

with my milko.. ^^

kor act cute.. XP

say cheese ^^

act noobie XD



  1. ahahaha.. who ever who comment.. paiseh lo.. mix up jor.. hahaha... anyway.. thx XD


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