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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm not pregnant =.=""

Haha.. don't get scared coz of my tittle.. lolx.. well.. let me tell you 1 by 1.. 1st thing 1st.. I was actually late for class coz when i woke up it was already 9.31am.. and my class was 10am.. =.=" Now i'm gonna tell why i woke up late.. it's simply because i had a dream.. It was weird but funny though...hahaha... In my dream, I actually dreamt about Ivan Ong.. yeah.. sei yan.. sui yan Ivan!! =.="" dunno why i will dream bout him.. lol.. let me finish my story sin.. haha.. in the dream.. i was late for class too.. and he's picking me up.. i was still bathing.. and he keep rushing me.. ask me to faster.. coz we already late for class.. then the scene suddenly change to his house.. we went to his house.. then i met his mummy and ah ma.. i can't see their faces.. coz i didn't meet them before this.. but i know its his mum and grandma.. >.<" then i call "aunty" lo.... the next thing was his ah ma said "OH.. SI HOKKIEN LANG.. " I really have no idea.. hahahaa... After that.. I went out to buy 100plus for them... hahaha... the next thing was i woke up from my sleep!!! damn funny man.. feel so tired and sleepy when i woke up.. but still have to coz need to go for class ma.. hahaha... I quickly went to bath.. no time work pet jor.. haihh... luckily.. not that late la.. ms.leong was just about to start.. haha.. Well.. after class.. me and sharon went to white coffee restaurant to eat.. yea.. just both of us.. hmm.. :X well.. not gonna start this topic.. proceed.. after that we went shooping!! haha.. around KP only la.. i spend a lot for my nail art decorations.. we even went for a HAND SPA.. since cheap cheap RM2 only.. we ma give it a try lo.. haha.. Zain also beh tahan us liao..kaka.. XD went for account class.. continued with IT class after that.. haha.. give ms. rajani scold coz didn pay attention during class.. me and sharon kena nia.. cheryl didn't coz she don't know cheryl's name =.=" that's why too close with lecturer is not a good thing also.. she will always remember u.. haha... lol.. ignore me.. After that .. today i follow Sm's car back ma.. they wanna go pasar malam at chi liung wor.. then i ma follow lo.. ahaha.. went to pasar malam.. after so long didn't go liao.. me..jacklyn.. cy.. ivan.. mc.. sm and wai how.. they went there to eat the "LOT-LOT" hahhaa... addicted to si ham?? nice meh?? i don't like at all.. yer.. haha.. so.. i see they eat only lo.. ivan say must pei min to the mushroom.. i don't want also.. coz i ming ming jiu no eat wan ma... >.<"" oh ya.. and we met Dr.Wong!!! hahaha.. she was shopping also.. buy vegetables.. to cook wor she said.. hahaha...

Now i'm gonna tell about the pregnant part.. =.="" I wore a dress today.. and as what others think.. they said i look like a pregnant woman.. swt la.. that SIAO MC especially.. keep boom me.. keep say I'm pregnant.. must XIU SAM DIN LA..MOU DONG ZHO TOI HENG AH~~ swt la.. i try to post at my status "I'm pregnant.." i wanna see what people many ppl congrats me..

My fb status >>

Pic 1 spamming >>

Pic 2 spamming >>

swt la.. heng jor.. feel like killing ivan ong and that uncle see!!! that siao mc summore tag me as flamingo!!! =.=" ivan more cham.. say b4 tag is flamingo.. after tag look like kok kok kai.... ish.......... heng... zzz...

Pic 3 spamming>>

lian my kor also bully me.. don't wan help me wor.. but keep suan me in msn summore.. come on.. its just a dream ok.. >.<"" it's 3.33am now.. tmr still need to give you morning call. don't know myself can wake up or not in the first place.. hahaha.. nitess.. zzz...

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