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Sunday, February 28, 2010

MOS Woohooo... XD

MOS MOS MOS!!!!! Whoaaa.... I gotta feeling.. you spinning my head right round right round... hahaha... Yeah.. it is.. clubbing night again.. but this time is clubbing woooohooooooo.. hahaha.. the 12th day of cny.. clubbing plan.. lolx.. actually this was sharon's plan.. and at first, she wanna go opera.. but since opera don't have dance floor, hence plan change to MOS.. hahaha.. and at first.. i didn't plan to join them.. but then.. hehe.. kezvin told me that he going there also.. so.. i plan to go there lo.. just to see him.. then gam gam cheng yong and frens also got go.. so i tumpang their car go lo.. when i wanna go out it was like about 11pm plus.. i was so afraid because i went out without my dad noticing.. only my mum saw me because i was changing clothes upstairs.. and she saw me.. almost scolded me because i took her dress to wear..hee.. XD but then.. i went out as well.. i ming ming jiu didn't plan to go back de lo.. stay at sharon's house nia.. reach there.. saw damn damn many people.. lolx.. it was so different compared to the first time I went clubbing and also the same place-- MOS.. it was so packed.. like sardin.. damn a lot of peoples.. haha.. coz of festival.. and school holiday i guess.. XD but leh.. that sei yeh kezvin didn't turn up... ish.. went there because of him but he ownself didn't turn up.. so sui de lo.. haihh.. but however, the rest of us still having fun.. oh yeahh.. hahaha.. dance like mad.. all damn high.. angel was like.. angel turns devil..haha.. cool man.. everyone was really enjoying.. many hot chicks were dancing on the stage.. each of us pay RM50.. haha.. not bad gua.. although i just drink 1 or 2 glass.. lolx.. going back time, they said i'm drunk.. but i don't think i'm drunk lo.. i just can't walk balancely.. but i still know what i'm doing lo.. haha.. oh ya.. talking bout this.. kor dunno what happen.. he went to friends house... and for the first time, he drank 5 or 6 tins of alcohol.. omg.. when he called and told me that, i was kinda worried.. because he drank alcohol.. but then, he need to drive back home somemore.. haihh.. emo emo.. >.<" hmm.. went to Asia cafe to take my bag from cy them.. then chin leng send me, sharon and angel to sharon's house after that.. thx dude :D three of us sleep together....haha.. night night.. XD 
The next morning, i went to angel house and she send me back after that.. i kena scold madly by my parents.. T_T because when i went out time it was so late.. and my dad didn't know about it.. and the thing is i didn inform them that i won't be going home and stay at sharons house..haih.. my fault also la.. if everything was planned earlier.. there shouldn't be any problem.. hmm.. then went to centre a while.. luckily kor come and rescue me.. T_T i wanna go away from them.. hence i said i wanna bring wei ren to watch movie..haha.. went back home and took bath then kor send us to Aeon  Bkt Tinggi.. too bad.. all those movies were full.. haihh.. then no choice lo.. go back home.. hehe.. thx kor btw.. luv ya.. :D

CHIVAS baby.. XD

our table ^^

models posing ^^

cheryl dear and jie fu :D

sharon and cheryl dear XD

the guys :D

the girls :D

lalala.. hulala... XD

dancing crazyness.. lol

all the girls... :)

peace.. drunk.. blur.. high... naughty.. XD

take a picture :D

fuhyoo... sharon like pro model leh.. XD

pei ling look drunk.. lolx

hui rong and his darling bernice.. lolx

look at the crowd yo.. haha

on the dance floors :D

all of us :D

i also beh liao.. sleep jor.. kaka.. 

some guys who passed out.. haha.. XD

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