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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What a tired day (9 feb 2010)

Actually.. today i ming ming already plan wanna revise and study my account with soon ming de.. he so pro ma.. say account so easy wor.. haha.. ask him give me tuition lo.. coz.. after cny quiz liao leh.. lots of assignments.. quizzes.. test.. even role play.. all sekali gus lai liao.. T____T and i'm really blur with my account.. if i didn do sumting about it.. i sure GG.COM liao >.<"" but yesterday he suddenly skype find me.. say he going to Sg.Wang wor... waa.. like this meh.. haihh.. bo bian lo.. nex time la.. his house so near to mine.. anytime call him also can la.. haha... never mind lo.. revision cancel.. then shopping on lo.. haha.. After OL125 class.. 12pm.. me and Sharon wanna go sunway pyramid.. sharon wanna buy her cny stuffs.. hahaha.. her fren.. "lengzai" which is actually win shi.. finally give me piak kang one.. will meet us there later.. then fetch us back home.. haha.. so.. we walked.. under the hot sun.. to the bus station opposite kp.. and she start to talk about her HUMAN TRAFFICKING stories.. haha.. so excited o.. and keep talk non stop.. lol.. waited quite long.. summore so hot.. then only bus came.. went to Setia alam bus centre there.. thought from there can take bus to Sunway.. so we waited for bus to come for almost half an hour.. then i beh tahan liao.. i said.. "why don't we go and ask wat time the bus is coming?" then we went to ask lo.. mana zai... the lady say.. "DIK.. U NAK PERGI SUNWAY KENA AMBIL BUS KLANG LA" i was like.. WTH!!! Damn.. == i give up.. straight call abu.. ask him whether can come and fetch us bo.. haha.. but.. haiz.. suan lo.. ppl working ma.. where can wor.. few moments later.. bus to KLANG came.. thank goddddd!!! hahaha... but leh.. we still have to take another bus from Klang.. to Sunway.. when we reach Klang bus station.. it was so complicated.. and so hot.. i wore mini shirt summore == how i know take bus cannot wear skirt wan wor.. >.<"" we walked all the way.. to the BAWAH JAMBATAN.. which direct by a guy to find the bus to Sunway.. luckily the bus still there.. phew.... finally can sit down under an aircond bus.. haha.. finally.. we reached Sunway finally... meet up with win shi.. then we went to Fullhouse to eat.. haha.. the time was already around 2-3pm plus.. so we have to shop faster.. coz win shi have to go back at 5pm.. thought wanna call cy come and fetch us back home.. but he still enjoying at sg wang.. sure very late go back.. summore he didn drive.. then suan lo.. went back.. but at least.. sharon manage to bought 2 pair of shoes.. and 3 clothes.. i think total about RM150 like that nia.. XD not bad.. but i wanna go again leh.. haven't shop enough leh.. i didn buy anything also lo.. haizz.. on the way back home.. i was actually damn tired.. slept off jor in the car.. haha..

finally found bus to sunway >.<""

took picture after tired journey =.="

ordering food :D

win shi :)

siao po sharon ^^

food XD

what a BIG cake.. lol

ling and sharon

sharon and win shi

ling and win shi

three of us :)

reach home around 7.15pm.. haha.. then justnow i called cy again.. then both of us share today's experience.. lolx.. funny when he said they forced wai how to give each of them valentine's gift.. coz he more easy to bully?? lolx... poor wai how.. hahaha.. another funny thing was.. OMG!! i can't stop laughing when i saw this picture man.. Siao Ivan's face.. damn noob lo.. walao.. haha.. but its kinda cute and funny leh!!! hahaha... here's the picture.. damn funny lo wei...wahahaha.... XD

haizz.. tmr still got 3 class.. sien la.. cny is coming leh.. fast fast holiday a.. and i damn pek cek with my hair now.. my fringe is si beh.. pek cek la.. ish.. >.<"" can't wait to straighten it this friday.. ish ish ish.. dunno why now i keep ish ish ish.. hahaha... swt la me.. == now i better get myself to bed or else i sure can't wake up ON TIME tmr morning.. haha.. nite all.. what a tired but funny day.. ^^

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