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Friday, March 5, 2010

8 hao jiao ^^

Kor suddenly say wanna go 8 hao jiao.. lolx.. then off we go lo.. haha.. that's also the first time i went there.. ya lo.. so kolian.. didn't go before leh.. T_T haha.. yuan lai just like the port klang wan.. nearby nia.. forgot the name liao.. ish.. i remember that time when i went.. beside it got railway station de.. >.<"" mostly people who went there was malay people lo.. some went there to take pictures, hang out.. chilling around.. relaxing.. fishing.. even picnic.. lolx.. guess kor emo-ing again.. he said he asked cory out but she can't go out.. then ask me go out lo..haha.. i this so free wan.. at home facebook nia nothing to do.. so ma accompanny him out lo..hee.. not bad not bad.. go beach during the night.. nice.. ^^ err... dunno can consider beach bo la.. but at least got sea la.. haha.. XD

err.. the tower clock?? >.<"

the ship.. XD

police car.. =P

ship view from the side XD

fishing.. XD

view of the ship again ^^

sea during the night.. lolx

the water which is not really clean.. >.<"

stones.. =.=""

emo kor.. lolx.. 

my feet and shoes.. ahaha... XD

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