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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ALL You-Can-Eat@ Papa John

After college, me and kor decided to go to Aeon to eat Papa John.. it's Tuesday.. so we can eat all we want.. of course la got limited time.. haha.. but.. not bad la.. the pizza quite nice.. Papa John make a special vegetarian pizza.. 6 pieces.. just for him.. see how lucky you are.. haha.. all he ate lo.. walao.. geng right..haha.. i eat 3 piece also beh liao.. hahaha  

my pizza so long haven't come de.. >.<"

the sauce..haha

our drinks.. :D

one of my pizza...hahaha

looks happy eating the pizza..hahaha

there.. his special pizza..lolx

eat lo..XD

Help to promote =p

The bill =)

mai dan mai dan..XD

After that, went to bought tomorrow's movie ticket "How to train your dragon".. He owe me de.. =P then, went back to his house.. started to camwhore with bobo.. oh yeah...hahaha... =P

bobo as present.. =p

whatcha looking at o bobo? hehehe

bobo sleeping..haha..XD


bobo emo-ing.. 

bobo bobo bobo


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