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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Amah 73th birthday ^^

Happy birthday to amah... hehe.. 73th birthday.. same with previous year, all of us gather together and celebrate for her..  this time de venue same with last year.. at the seafood restaurant at pandamaran.. haha.. erm.. i woke up around 12pm.. then kor say wanna come my house need my help for his OL342 slides.. lolx.. but i'm going out soon, so i told him can't lo.. but then, my parents were rushing to go out so i plan to call kor fetch me go amah's house later.. so i can help him with his slides also..haha.. my sister went to camp around 8.30am in the morning.. paiseh lo.. didn't send you go.. i 12pm only wake up leh.. lolx.. so as planned, kor came to my house. and he this very smart guy.. didn't bring the details for the slides.. so how i wanna do leh? ish ish.. then we both go to his house.. and i helped him do the slides lo.. i do slides.. and he present..i wonder how he wanna present leh?? >.<"" haha.. still.. i help him do.. play with bobo again.. hahax.. XD then went back to my house.. piano.. and watch movie a while.. i almost slept off.. luckily he wake me up.. lolx.. then 6pm he send me to amah's house.. arigato my dear kor.. ^^

 took siao po ghost picture.. kaka.. XD

Went to Restaurant Klang to celebrate amah's 73th birthday.. poor my dear sister at NS.. cannot eat ho liao..haha.. took quite a numbered of pictures though.. i drank red wine lo.. half of the glass.. straight drink all finish.. lol.. geng leh..hahaha... overall.. ate damn full.. meal was fantastic.. especially my favourite crab crab...hahaha... ^^ uncle and amah all brought own drinks from house..geng lo..haha.. ta pao some cake for kor somemore.. see i treat you so good a..haha..

foods :D

wine plus pepsi plus champagne

can drinks :D

pouring champagne ^^

busy eating crab..kaka..XD

ahaha... hammer on my uncle's head.. cute!! ^^

finish liao...hahaha

birthday cake :D

mango flavour from Secret Recipe ^^

me, cousin and amah ^^

all in this together :D

three naughty monkeys :D

four pretty leng luis.. ^^

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