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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aris CY cut his hair :D

Skipped my account class.. went for work interview with cheryl, sharon, and loo see.. it's actually a promoter job..wanna promote LONDON for body slimming de, YUN NAM for hair treatment, and NEW YORK for face product.. the salary and commission all really not bad lo..haha.. but they say will call lo when need us for job.. took few siao po pictures after that.. poor mc kena pulled to take the jackie chan picture also..kakaka..
after that he went DATING with loo see after that.. i dunno.. he dun wan tell also.. lalala... =P
kor went to his vocal class while we were having our interview.. after that he came back to fetch me.. we ate ice-cream at McD before we leave.. me, sharon and cheryl share a rm9 ice-cream.. lolx.. only 3 scoop... high class de ice-cream..haha.. but not bad la.. tiramisu.. i love it.. haha.. besides that still got dark chocolate and another wan also chocolate dunno wat d.. haha..

posing.. lolx

drink water?lol

ahahah..loo see damn cute.. XD

movie post.. XD

siao po ss camwhore in the toilet..haha

three siao po again.. XD

four of us..eating ice-cream time XD

cy's mc flurry and our 9 bucks ice-cream.. lolx..


After that, me and kor went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi.. he wanna cut hair..haha.. finally cut at Micheal & Guys.. haha.. the guy who help him cut is..err.. not bad la.. quite leng zai..kakaka.. same age with him de.. ^^ from kwang hua also.. lolx... waited for quite long also.. yuan lai guys cut hair also quite long de leh.. i thought very fast lo.. so nothing to do.. i keep ss.. but took few picture only la because of my lousy phone.. T_T hehe.. that's all for today.. toodles.. XD

cut cut cut... XD

blow blow blow.. XD

take pic.. like very sien like that..hahaha.. XD

continue ss lo.. ^^


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