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Friday, March 26, 2010

Bobo in the car.. lolx..

No class today.. i was suppose to go to college with my sister to help her for the PLKN stuffs.. but she thought i don't wanna go hence, we didn't go lo.. i set my alarm at 9am..but still end up wake up at 1pm.. haha.. then saw kor's sms.. he ask me whether wanna go his house or not.. so.. since i'm so free also.. then ma say ok lo.. he reach my house around 2pm.. and really bring me a very BIG suprise.. lol.. he brought BOBO along.. i was damn shock when i saw her.. ish ish... ming ming know i scare but still keep ask bobo come to me.. luckily got his jacket to protect..kakaka.. anyway.. it was so cute when bobo was enjoying the view and the air.. haha..

with bobo while driving take 1

with bobo while driving take 2

with bobo while driving take 3

with bobo while driving take 4

yes bobo.. apa macam? ^^

blek blek... =P

bobo was enjoying the outside view :D

I brought my IT210 paper.. thought wanna finish up my assignment at there.. yuan lai he ask me go there because want me to help him with his OL215 assignment.. ish ish.. end up, both didn't do also..kaka.. what we did?? read comic.. then.. he went out a while.. catherine fetch him.. don't know where they went..haha.. then i slept jor.. lolx.. as what he told.. around 3pm plus till 8pm plus.. omg.. really that long meh.. guess his parent's bed too nice liao.. or should say i'm really a pig pig.. haha.. too bad la.. can't blame me.. we must enjoy sleep you know. =P 
During my sleep, i had a dream again.. about someone.. but i wanna state that.. this is especially 'to someone' also.. if you are reading this la, "Dream is not reality.. dream is just a dream.. it is not true also.. it is just an illusion.. if i had a dream of someone, doesn't mean that i had a crush on him or what k.. lolx.. " This time, my dream is also quite weird and a bit shocking.. i dreamt about MC.. actually he and his other gang were there too.. all of us were in a club.. hell yeah.. clubbing.. lol.. don't know why, but i was actually dancing with MC.. swt la.. haha... he was with his group of friends de actually and i started to walk towards them and pulled him out to dance.. haha.. the end.. this is just a dream.. because i would never do thatin real life.. lolx.. 

pigglet ling ling... XD 

Woke up then watch sherlock holmes a while.. he wrote the translation for pps de.. because i got pps in my laptop but i don't know how to find movies because everything is in chinese.. lol.. pity me.. T_T 

the movie.. lolx.. 

Then we both ss again.. hahaha... peace.. ^^ ss roxx!! XD

funny pose again.. =.="

ss 1

ss 2

ss 3

ss 4

ss 5

Hmm.. around 11pm he send me back lo.. kakak went to popo's house ady.. so.. no food for me.. T_T cook maggi and eat.. lolx.. my sister is going PLKN soon.. all her things were ready.. a huge luggage.. clothes, maggi mee, shampoo, everything la.. all buy liao..haha..trying my PPS now.. the line damn fast.. but too bad i really dunno how to find the movie that i really wanna watch leh.. simply click nia.. sobs.. T.T

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