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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dream dream dream!!!

Aahhh!!!! Another dream again.. lol.. so many people to dream but pian pian wan dream dream about him.. >.<"" swt la.. this dream was erm.. as what i could remember.. i saw a dog.. and i was scare and quickly jump behind his back.. he carry me on his back from don't know where, all the way to his house and went upstair.. then gam gam got party at his house.. but i don't see anyone in my dream.. just remember he carry me all the way to upstair.. Then wake me up.. so he called me.. i then answer with my blur voice.. haha.. as what i could remember, i saw ck's car park infront my house, and inside i saw his white jacket and cy's bag.. then i forget liao.. lolx.. kaka.. XD

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