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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Greenbox + Botanic Trekking XD

Today got OL125 de midterm exam... T___T Well... the night before, I didn't really study nicely.. haha.. i was only reading the slides.. before i went to sleep.. lazy to read leh.. siao fb too much liao.. T.T but after all, the exam was ok la.. most of the question use common sense nia lo.. because most of it is happening around us now.. all about work.. employee.. manager.. attitudes.. stress.. and so so... It's a 25 multiple choice and 25 true false question btw.. After that, went to Greenbox, Aeon Bukit Tinggi.. haha.. so sudden wan lo.. suddenly tell me wanna go sing K.. lolx.. then go lo.. not everyone of them went.. only CY, MC, SM, WH and CK nia... plus me lo.. haha.. Sing till siao lo.. ask me this banana to sing.. i know few songs nia lo.. haha... my comment for them.. NO OFFENCE YA IF YOU GUYS READ THIS.. =p Ehem-ehem........

CY-- well.. as usual.. u most geng wan la.. u keep ask me opinion.. i ma say good lo.. no FU YAN u also lo.. your voice.. very open and loud.. you really KAN KAN DE go sing.. just like.. LET IT GO nia lo.. maybe you have to practice more on your JIA YING part.. as what my dad told also.. but overall.. ur voice is stable enough.. got de "FEEL".. good job.. keep it up.. :D

MC-- lengzai kor kor aaa... u leh.. singing also not bad de la.. u did open ur voice also... KAN KAN DE go sing also... ermm.. my comment was u sing time hor.. sometimes.. your pitching will chao lo.. ur voice sing time got little bit like cy also..because sometimes when u sing.. i thought it was cy who were singing... hahaha... overall.. not bad not bad... better then me very much d lo.. good job ^^

SM-- hahaha.. friend a.. u hor i tell u.. i really salute u wan lo.. u really know to sing ALL song de.. no matter what song also u know wan.. geng geng.. haha.. but hor.. sorry to say la.. u sing time hor.. err.. how to say a.. u didn follow the song correctly.. sometimes will slow.. sometimes will fast.. but the high and low pitch u got follow wan.. just that.. when u sing time.. can feel that ur voice not stable.. if sing high tone.. ur voice sure pecah liao.. haha.. but overall.. if u practice more.. sure ok wan la.. good ady la.. :)

WH-- wh a.. hahaha.. as what ur fren comment as well.. you dont worry de.. no one will fight with u de.. u can rest a while.. let others sing first.. then continue back also not to late.. haha.. well... for me leh.. u sing.. ma ma tei lo.. ur voice.. not very stable.. when u sing time.. u didn't sing accordingly to the correct tone of the original song.. means like.. suppose is MI.. but u sing in RE tone.. YING BU ZHUN a... haha.. but overall.. at least u give it a try.. man man practice lo.. practice makes perfect ma.. =)

CK-- ha.. you.. came late de.. haha.. ur voice.. abit same like ivan de.. go little bit SASA de.. as what ivan said "SEXY???" lolx.. like AH DU de voice.. hahaha.. erm.. u sing de.. not bad also.. also much very better then me.. ur weakness is.. you can't go for higher pitch de.. right? hehe.. but overall also.. i like your voice.. when you sing the wat song d a.. the jay chou de song.. that wan really nice lo.. keep it up ya :D

As a conclusion... Everyone has good and bad de place.. even myself.. don't say my parents la.. my parents can sing.. they are singers.. and THEY GO PRACTICE EVERYDAY de.. not me.. so cannot compare them with me.. haha.. u guys give me comment about my singing lo next time.. :D But really enjoyed singing with you guys today.. especially when the HIGH PART.. there's one song where CY and MC shout like siao lang.. lolx.. and dunno why.. i suddenly SHOUTED also.. Wahahahahhaa................ XDXD Then the "dui bu chi" song that CY,MC and CK sang and LOOKED AT ME.. lol..please don't do that leh.. i cannot stand wan lo.. later i cry a.. or fall in love with you guys how?? hahaha.. I very sensitive wan lo.. CK especially..when he looked at me and sing a.. walao.. will melt wan leh.. coz a.. the way he look.. dunno how to say.. very GENTLE lo.. haha.. guess he imagina Ms. C was infront of him gua... oppss.. =P MC also lo.. CY also.. no need to say.. you three la.. ish.. you guys don't realise meh? i terus tiam tiam lo after you guys sang that song to me.. hahaha... anyway thanks la.. gam dong lo.. ^^

wai how, chern yang, pei ling, and soon ming :D

soon ming, ming chang and chee khong singing.. XD

our drinks XD

our keropoks.. XD

outside greenbox.. the guys :D

me and my dear percy jackson :D

After greenbox.. thought wanna watch movie.. but all wanna go BOTANIC.. lol.. dunno for what.. MC say wanna ride bicycle.. and JOGGING?? are you serious?? i wear slipar.. with the very not suitable de attire.. you want see i run meh? swt la u.. haha.. but end up.. didn't jog also la.. TAKE PICTURES.. CAMWHORING!!!!.. oh yeahh.. hahaha... we walked while take pictures around BOTANIC GARDEN which is located beside CY'S house.. play at playground... swing.. MC IS AFRAID OF HEIGHT!!! Wahahaha... XD kolian d CK.. suddenly leg itchy itchy.. mou tuin tuin wan play football.. lolx.. but no one wanna play.. so off he go and play ALONE lo... haha.. so the rest of us continue out botanic trekking lo.. siao MC is the camera man today.. took took took... al together was 101 PICTURES... Walaoo... siao de.. i didn' expect so much wan lo.. but WH upload 81 nia.. coz he said "some pictures are INCONVENIENT to upload" hahaha... but.. all the pictures.. were beautiful.. dunno wanna say MC's take picture de skill good leh.. or the SURROUNDING and WEATHER EFFECT which make the picture feel good.. hahaha... :D anyway.. good job MC.. :) And hello Mr.MC.. u really weak lo.. no stamina de.. ask you carry me for a short distance nia.. you also bo lat... CY didn wear shoe.. can carry me on the JIAN JIAN de stone lo.. you aaa.... need training liao la.. hahaha...

botanic's view :D

with bobo and on the stone ball ^

two by two :D

the emo-ing peoples :)

emo roxx.. XD

random.. XD

ABC letters.. ^^

at playground :)

the greenish... XD


got what down there? kakaka... XD

random again ^^

mc on the left and cy on the right.. bite by pei ling.. ^^

Hence, really had a great day today.. thanks for making my day wonderful today.. hehe.. I LOVE IT.. hahaha... Waiting for the next one soon... Toodles... :D

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