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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hao Hao..I love you.. xD

Hao hao so cute leh.. beh tahan leh.. feel wanna hug him all the time if can..XD omg.. hahaha.. pei ling's baby disease is back jor..hehe.. 3-yi and popo came by to bring kakak back.. so they came down for a while.. hao hao was with them.. yeahh.. i get to see my cute little cousin baby again.. hehehe... so.. i went and took my Milko at upstair..and start my siao siao camwhore work again..kakaka... took picture with hao hao..and milko.. when he lie down on milko's leg.. damn damn cute leh.. the bear is much more bigger than him lo..hahaha... XD

popo holding hao hao ^^

ang gu gu.. damn cute leh...^^

sor zhu zhu lao gai a... hehehe...

omg.. this wan damn cute....hee.. ^^

hao hao ss take 1 ^^

hao hao ss take 2 ^^

hao hao ss take 3 ^^

hao hao ss take 4 ^^

hao hao : this jie jie sot sot wan.. keep take picture de..hahaha...

ling ling with baby hao hao... ^^

3-yi with hao hao.. haha.. look at his cute little reaction..kakaka...XD

Night time, watch ultimate group first episod.. 8.30pm.. saw kor in tv... hahaha... XD i wonder if he didn't quit hor, he sure very famous ady lo now..hahaha.. =)

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