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Thursday, March 25, 2010

HELP for HAITI + Lut lut

HELP for HAITI... Yeahh.. today is the day.. :D An event organized by HICT. Mr.Victor and his team sure had poured a lot of hardwork to make it succesful.. But yes indeed, it was a successful event.. Well done to all of them and god bless everyone who lend a hand to help and donate for the event. As planned, 2 buses are provided from HICT to HUC and participants was not bad la.. quite numbered of students who went there to support although they had to skip their classes. Well,as for me and my friends, my gang wan la.. we were suppose to perform a drama performance with a little bit of dance in between it but.. what to do.. too much assignments.. and with all the quizzes and exams and classes going on.. all of us don't have enough time to practice. haihh.. Last time, we just take few days to practice our drama for the FORGET NOT CHRISTMAS event because we were all in our sem break time.. That's why we have enough time to practice.. hmm..never mind la..still got chance wan la.. :) Well, overall.. the event at HUC was a blast.. all the performances were great.. Opening ceremony with the drums performance by ADP students which is also my seniors.. ivan and the gang.. besides, there are also a lot of dance and singing performance.. belly dance and salsa dance was.. fuhh... they repeated their dance for 3 times man.. it was the demand from the audience lo.. can you just imagine how amazing are their performance are? haha.. not to forgot.. red fm and even came by.. there are a lotz of goodies bag and stuffs to be given to everyone..i even get myself a Love songs cd from Red Fm too..haha.. As referred from Mr.Victor's blog, total donation so far for the HAITI fund was 8K plus... great amount.. 2k plus to go to achieve out target which is 10k.. ^^

the audience before and after.. XD

The "teams" ^^

Up-The stomp by ADP students
Below- Dances by hot chicks :D

Performance take 1-The solos...

Performance take 2- Singing, dancing, playing instument and comedy act

Red Fm.. :D

Hitz. Fm

Four pretty camwhorers :D

Peoples..... :)

More peoples.. xD

After the event, me, mc, ivan, pek kuan, wei wei, sm, wh and wei wei's sister went to eat lut lut!!! hahaha... not bad la...first time went there.. but 1 stick 50 cent leh.. and so little piece nia..expensive leh.. lolx.. but sm treat me coz my stick all put togehter with his wan liao.. haha.. thx sm!!! :D

the restaurant :D

Lut-lut.. =D

the lut lut in soup...hahaha... 

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