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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I-CITY with kor :D

Damn.....I woke up late again...OMG!!!... my alarm ming ming already set 8.30am de lo.. but i really really.. didn't hear it.. T_T i woke up when zain called me.. and it's already 9.52am.. i was like..WTF!!! not again... i was late also during the previous education fair and dennie was very angry with me.. i make owais and martyn go there late.. had to wait for me and go there by van.. this time again.. omg.. i quickly bath and prepared.. After that, i rush mummy..but she still getting prepared.. i guess she will take a long long time.. haihh... it was already 10.15am.. then sharon called me and ask me to be there before 11am.. and she said that it will be jam because few roads are closed.. i was thinking whether to go or not.. because i don't want others to wait for me like last time.. because most probably i will reach college late.. hence, finally i didn't go. And guess what, when mummy came down and wanna go out, it's already like 5 minutes to 11am.. haizz.. miss this time de edu fair.. T_T Then whole day I was doing my IT assignment.. hahaha.. seems like unexpected.. lol.. but.. with munna's guide, i manage to finish it finally.. spend so long to finish it.. yeah.. of course.. there is rest (facebooking, eating, watching tv & etc.. ) haha.. Sei kor.. he don't know do what.. was chatting with him in skype.. then he suddenly didn't reply... walao.. make me wait whole day.. yuan lai he went to sleep.. @@ wat the........around 9pm like that, he came to fetch me.. and i didn't tell him where to go actually... hahaha.. then i said "Lets go I-City" He was like.. what?! my family went there already.. hahahaha... omg.. how i know so coincidence your family wanna go there also wor.. hehe.. but..i don't care.. kia.. =P so off we go.. it was jam.. haha.. too bad.. wrong day i suppose... quite many people.. and btw, that's the first time I've been there. Took few pictures only.. because.. Chern Yang's phone no battery already.. I can't take with mine because my camera sot sot dei de.. cheap phone is like wan la.. no money buy new phone.. T_T When we were walking to see the lake nearby the snow world.. it started RAINING!!! @@ Damn.. i just washed my hair justnow.. wuwu.. quickly walk back to car.. Although i love to play rain.. but.. i'm not ready to play it.. with my condition justnow.. where i wore skirt.. come on.. you gotta be kidding.. my hair.. >.<"" In car time, i heard the RAINISM by Rain.. it was nice.. i love it.. was downloading it right now actually.. hahaha... I was like addicted to Rain liao.. haha.. 

blurly colourful trees :D

orange and white trees ^^

green green kor..haha

white swan :D

happy chinese new year :D

ling ling with red red tree.. XD

eat fruit >.<"

smile.. ^^

Guess what.. I WAS DAMN SHOCKED.. All this while, Lim Chern Yang who drives.. *(fetch me time la) so carefully.. so steady.. justnow.. almost accident.. omg.. he waas suppose to turn right but he didn't see the road.. besides, he's in a speed which can't control and turn right straight.. so he just phewwwwwww......went straight and break emergencyly..  luckily, there's road infront.. if infront is dead road.. or water.. i sure GG jor.. T.T kor a.. but can't blame him all also la.. because it was dark and there is no road light there.. thank god.. we were fine.. and his SLK was fine too i suppose.. 
After that, straight went to Amazon to find Wai How.. he ws playing pool with his schoolmates.. plan wanna yamcha but he can't join us.. so.. what to do.. both of us go eat at NO NAME MAMAK only lo..haha.. i called MC.. but yuan lai he was with SM.. got party at SS2.. lolx.. don't care liao la.. i'm very hungry.. didn't take my dinner.. kelian de me.. haha.. so gam... met tan tan at there.. haha.. i wanna go centre.. want chern yang to sing there.. but unfortunately.. pa and mi went back home liao.. bo bian.. go home also lo.. T.T on our way back, he BITE ME!!! waaa.... it's a very tiny small bite.. and not a while lo.. he somemore pause for few seconds.. walao.. almost cry out.. but I didn't la.. haha.. swt.. but i'm so high liao.. in a mood to bite people.. hence, i bite him back.. kaka.. but very very damn LIGHT.. no pain at all lo k.. he so scare.. swt la u.. stupid kor.. bite my arm till red red.. >.<" Anyway, thanks for accompany me today.. I don't care.. I am so going to I-CITY again... to take hundreds of leng leng de pictures :D

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