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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I hate today T.T

I was suppose to have a disscussion about OL case study.. 9am.. but I was late.. I woke up late.. omg.. when sharon call me.. it was already 9.30am and i just woke up.. haha.. then chee siang and alwin sms me said that they will reach by 10am.. When i reach college, almost 11am liao..opps.. sorry guys.. elvina then came by.. we discuss for a while in the discussion room. Then elvina taught me and sharon "TU PI WU" means belly dancing.. at gym.. haha.. she asked us to perform with her.. but it seems so hard leh.. Can practice in time meh? I doubt about that.. haha.. but she was really good la.. :D

Then in the conference hall justnow, Ivan was sharing his Langkawi story with us.. It was actually sort of like a ghost kind of story.. I went to conference hall because chern yang ask to go there... then gam gam sharon, elvina and me just came out from the gym.. got pass by ma drop by to see them lo.. All the lights were off.. don't know what they doing.. lol.. ok.. back to the story.. Ivan was talking about the story when he went to n island.. then he open a toilet.. looks old.. then keep say YER..YER... actually that time got people saw that "THING" at there.. then went at night when he and his cousins found out about this, everyone move back to another place to sleep.. maybe back to their parents gua.. haha.. After he finish.. chern yang continues.. Joyling almost cry out liao.. >.<" she damn scare.. finally she was angry because everyone seems to like making fun of her.. charm liao.. T.T sei ivan la.. start wan de.. ish.. >.<"

Siao MC and siao IVAN!!! I keep ask them to go stadium tomorrow... they die also don't want... many excuses la.. haihh.. night time.. mc say STILL DON'T WANT.. fine la.. don't want talk with him liao.. heng.. ivan somemore no need say wan la.. mc post at my fb wall..say he really not interested.. i was thinking.. whateverla.. really pek cek liao.. because that time pek cek with those assignments and exams thing.. then i keep call him go how many time liao.. didn't ask you do what also lo.. go watch event.. then if got time, can jogging for a while.. no good meh? good for your health also lo.. okla.. jogging don't want then fine la.. then i ask sm to ask whether wanna go play badminton or not..because abu they all playing tomorrow.. same.. DON'T WANT.. fine la.. suan liao la.. I also don't want talk much liao..

At night time... mummy went out to centre as usual.. papa didn't go out because he wanna revise with my brother for his coming exam tomorrow.. but leh.. till almost wanna 1am liao.. but mummy still haven't come back.. papa already sleep liao de 11pm something.. but he wake up and came down.. he tried to call mummy because worried so late liao still haven't come back.. but mummy didn't pick up the call... so.. he just waited at downstair de sofa.. till mummy come back.. I was with my laptop facebooking and doing assignment.. so when mummy came back.. I hope they won't fight again.. T.T because i really don't like it.. everytime when they had an arguement, papa will be very very very upset.. I don't like to see it too.. omg.. now i'm gonna cry.. T_T hmm.. when she came back.. she stand and looked at papa.. thank god they didn't fight.. or shout.. because I remember the last time when they had an argument, it was really a disaster for me.. T.T she say she went to yam cha with friends.. Omg la.. really don't know her la.. papa told her he early early already wanna sleep.. but can't.. because keep think of her wife.. so late but haven't go back home.. who won't worry.. if papa is with her, then is different case la.. haihh.. i also don't know what to say liao la..

Today really damn emo.. Already damn pek cek with assignments stuff.. then that siao MC summore.. swt la.. don't know why because of him make me feel more upset.. then plus my parents de thing.. All problem together one shot come... Make me cry again today.. :'( At college still ok wan.. but came back.. felt like.. something heavy just drop on me.. Got assignments to rush.. have to think about performance for the HAITI event.. our performance is like not ready.. no time to practice because of lots of assignments and exam which is coming up.. felt so stress.. no mood to study for my coming midterm exam also.. flip few pages nia.. OMG...GOD.... Help me.... T______T

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