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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I love to sleep ^^

Wake up to go to college as usual.. suddenly kor call me say wanna come fetch me.. lol.. then i ma say ok lo.. haha.. told him my class 10.30am.. he also got class de lo.. but he reach my house aroung 10.15am.. siao liao la.. ms.leong de class somemore.. T.T luckily she haven't go in class when we reach.. then me and sharon went 2nd floor to buy water.. since she haven't come..haha.. when we went in.. she was giving back our midterm paper.. out of 50 i got 35.. which means i got 14 out of 20%.. hmm.. not bad ady la.. poor sharon.. during exam day, she was 30 minutes late.. and she couldn't finish it on time, hence few question at the back she just simply tembak nia.. all those answers is true de.. but she write all false.. no luck ba... haihh.. so she only got 18 out of 50.. need to gambateh in role play and final liao.. +u+u :D 
After class, follow kor and his gang to pandamaran eat.. haha. i went to that shop before.. not bad la.. ^^ Rain again after that.. this few days keep rain lo.. but nice la.. kakaka.. XD went to his home after that.. bobo and meimei really excited to see new guest.. omg.. i keep on running away from them.. haha.. i not scare de.. just dont't like they lick nia.. >.<"" kor somemore keep take bobo and scare me.. T.T plan to finish up INT assignment de.. end up.. kakaka.. facebooking nia.. kor went to sleep... then i go kacau him wake up.. he do question 3..then i go sleep.. kaka.. sleep liao.. then bo wake up liao.. muahahah... 7pm only wake up.. i slept almost 3-4 hours.. hehe.. pity him.. actually is he sleep de but turn out i sleep.. too bad la.. ur room de environment too comfortable and cold liao.. blek.. =P i admit la.. i really pig lo.. many people couldn't wake me up from sleep de.. haha.. kor so good lo.. somemore massage for me.. haha.. thanks ya kor.. muax... hehe.. ^^ had another great time with kor today.. i thought today you suppose to come to my house to test my E-MEE de? lolx.. but.. actually.. this morning i get to know.. the soup for the e-mee also finish liao.. kakaka... =P sleep time.. bb.. ^^

kor with bobo take 1

kor with bobo take 2

kor with bobo take 3

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