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Friday, March 19, 2010

Kiss??? =D

Kor fetch me to college today.. we suppose to reach college early because Sharon had made us her Spagetti.. hahaha... I just ate the mushroom nia.. haha.. but honestly to say.. Sharon's spagetti is much more better than Max's one.. hahaha... not bad la.. next time try tomato sauce ya... ^^ Today my class til 4pm.. kor de till 6pm.. therefore, i have to wait for him lo.. ming ming when i got time leh.. no keyboard for me to play because Nic brought it back home liao.. ming ming i got no time to play leh. he didn't take back.. ish.. >.<"" 
Bad kor.. sui yann... he bite me again today.. T.T pain wan leh... he hor.. suddenly bite de.. OMG... red red liao lo... T.T Night time leh.. he say he emo wor.. so i called him lo.. haha.. poor him.. no one at home.. left he and kakak.. his kakak slept jor.. no one cook for him.. finally.. cook mee goreng to eat..wakakkaa... Our main topic tonight is about KISS...hahaha... suddenly ask people about this.. will paiseh de lo.. haha.. no la.. just kidding.. lolx.. for what wanna paiseh.. kiss only ma.. i did FRENCH KISS with a girl liao lo.. what somemore u wan??haha.. he asked me what's the feeling of kissing.. lolx.. err.. how i wanna say leh.. well.. there are many type also de ma actually.. touch kiss.. french kiss.. haha.. i'm so shock to know that most of my ADP seniors.. haven't had their first kiss de.. T.T including ivan.. wahh.. can believe bo? i'm doubting lo.. lolx.. haha.. don't care la.. erm... tomorrow is jie fu de birthday liao lo.. i wonder how's the suprise party going on at jie fu's house..haha.. me and sharon keep spam their FB wall.. blek.. =P haha. it's time to sleep already.. goodnight :D

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