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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Miss my running life so much...

Today is the 2nd day of Mssd Olahraga Klang.. as planned, i went to stadium.. i know the big event for the day is HURDLES!!! which is also my main personal event other than triple jump.. haha.. i told many of my friends.. all were shocked to know that i'm a hurdles runner.. yeah.. because of my height and size.. haha.. but mai siao siao a.. i got represent selangor before de lo.. haha.. so firstly me, sharon and kor went there.. then wh, ck, and sm came by..  and very the unexpectedly mc came also.. lol..  in a sudden.. kor say he wanna go club house nia.. so drop by a while.. oklo.. lol.. Me and sm went to visit our beloved biology teacher, Pn.Vanitha.. happy to see her back.. ^^ Miss tan wasn't there went we went there.. didn't get a chance to see her..don't know what she will say leh if she see me.. i remember last time when i 1st time dye my hair, she got beat my shoulder lo.. then dunno scold what liao..haha.. but though.. it ws long time ago.. kaka.. saw my hurdles event .. miss those moments so much.. sobs..  T_T and guess what.. my record for triple jump still there leh..wahahhaa.. 9.82m.. 2007... my record when i was form 4.. still haven't been break by anyone.. it last 3 years liao.. oh yeah... 

arafat.. pro hurdles runner.. 200m... lolx.. 

ready for relay run i think.. XD

orang besi..lolx.. sia joo yao.. 1 of his heptathlon event-high jump

his competitor.. look at his body curl man..lolx.. long o.. 200m runners in the house yo.. XD 

Actually plan wanna go down track and jog and jump a bit after the event.. but then.. sharon them say wanna eat.. so around 30 minutes after mc them leave.. we also chaoz jor.. since wanna send sharon to kp.. then me, kor, sharon and wh went to eng ann.. thought wanna eat at ta su xia.. but all sell finish jor.. end up, eat fried chicken and yao yao ping.. poor kor..can see cannot eat.. vege-man lai de.. hahaha... Happy because make me recall of my running life.. really miss those days de moment.. although damn blady tiring.. but result came out if we really won, really very satify de lo.. :D

wh with yao yao ping..hahaha

siao po sharon..XD

blur ling ling.. lolx

pl: siao kor.. keep take my pic.. i know la i leng..hahaha... XD

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