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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Screw me!! argh.. >.<""

Kor a kor... so paiseh lo... not i want de also.. but suddenly like this.. my dad sure won't allow de.. hmm.. actually i asked kor to go out around 8pm plus.. and actually i plan wanna go look out point.. i haven't been there before leh.. T.T then he say wanna wait after the earth hour.. then oklo.. 9.30pm.. then.. he said he wanna go out with friends.. end up.. 11pm only he reached my house.. and end up.. went to botanic's garden.. lolx.. i wanna go a place where we can relax.. before we start to stress for our final.. botanic garden also can give him think dao.. lolx.. the surrounding there was really damn scary... damn dark.. silent.. no one.. gosh.. can get heart attack man.. >.<" walk a while then we faster zao lang liao.. i really really damn scare if got that "thing" lo.. plus suddenly got robber pass by and rob us.. lol.. choi choi choi.. luckily everything was fine.. amitapha..hahaha.. then went to his house.. watch 72 tenants of prosperity.. kaka.. not bad lo.. too bad its language is in mandarin.. haihh.. after the movie finish.. its time to go back ady.. i was still infront of the pc.. he went into the room.. i thought what la takes him so long.. when i went to check it out.. yuan lai he is sleeping.. walao wei.. it's already 1.30am leh.. my dad going to kill me.. somemore ask me straight sleep there tonight.. lolx.. too sudden lo.. paiseh la.. if my dad wants me back, i have to be back lo.. i can't do anything also.. so.. really paiseh ya.. wuwu... T.T luckily my dad didn't stand infront of the door waiting for us..haha.. he consider ok la actually.. not too control.. is normal lo every parents will worry about their children.. hmm.. sorry again ya kor.. give you trouble nia..sobs.. work finish my pet ady.. sleep sleep.. tmr my sis goin ns jor lo.. 8.30am she going.. i guess i won'y send her ba.. so early..don't know can wake up bo..hehe.. so to my dear sister, yap pei jun.. u take care la k at your camp time.. i already advise you don't bring your sony hp but u don't wanna listen.. so u better zap sang la.. bb all.. :) 

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