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Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunway outing with besties :D

Hang out with tina and carmen.. my secondary school best best friends.. know them since form 1.. till now.. so long ady..haha.. in the morning, me and carmen went back to school to take our spm cert then meet up with tina at aeon bukit tinggi.. when we met her, not really suprise to see her also la.. because she really pretty liao.. facebook also always see liao..haha.. but really miss her so much.. aww.. :) then we ate at black canyon.. not bad la the food there.. i ordered dessert nia.. diet.. lolx.. chit chat.. tina share her dato son's aka her boyfriend's experience.. haha..

our food and drinks :D

us :D

Since time is still so early and we got no idea wanna do what at movie to watch also.. then we go sunway.. lol.. =.=" i got class at 4pm.. need to rush back to klang later.. haha.. walk around.. shop and shop.. took lots of pictures... 

so many people oo...hahaha... 

two by two :)

posing with the sport car XD

at shoe shop time.. ^^

leng leng sweet sweet pretty us :D

above- 3 of us at sunway
below- ling and tina ss at station 1 XD  

3.30pm.. chaoz.. carmen send me to college.. thought class was cancel.. kor told me de.. but sharon say got class.. haha.. end up i didn't went in also because also late already.. and kor also already went back.. so if i go class also, nobody send me back.. so didn go lo..carmen and tina went to my college with me also.. haha.. as i had expected.. there are so many guys who keep look at tina..haha.. especially adil and the gang who keep came and asked me about her.. proud to have a pretty friend.. haha.. but i know tina so long ady.. really know her attitude liao.. so guys.. just give up la.. she already have a great bf (dato son) and gonna get engaged soon.. happy for her too.. finally she is LOYAL to someone.. =P lolx.. then we went to bukit tinggi de station 1.. eat again.. keep eat eat eat.. lolx.. 

foods :D

Had a great day with my both besties.. friends forever.. love you guys a lotzz...  :)

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