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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Travelling whole day :)

Whoaaaa.... what a tired but enjoyable day =) today i travel whole day.. from morning till night and from lang till kl.. haha.. kor fetch me around 7.30am.. i sacrifice so much leh.. wake up at 6.45am.. haha.. suppose to wake up at 6am.. but drag drag.. haha..aiyo.. i pig lai de ma.. =P then we went to college.. because he got exam at 8am.. that's why we have to go so early.. his Astro Star Quest singing competition start at 9am.. haha.. so me and sharon accompany him go la.. me and kor both also don't know way to go there.. which is located at KL.. Hotel Federal.. beside sg wang and low yat there nia lo.. so ask Live GPS to help.. guide us there.. ^^ reach there around 10.30am like that... damn many people who came to participate.. omg.. waited for so long.. to get number.. kor's number.. 0523.. go buy 4D.. haha.. ^^

so many people oo...hahaha...

few pictures at federal hotel :D

 While waiting for his turn to sing after he got his number, we went to Gasoline, Sg. Wang to eat.. then pass by a place.. they were searching "dai yan ren" for the Perfect Ice.. so kor and sharon give it a try.. sharon had done a great job.. because she refuse to enter in the first place.. but after being force.. err.. not to say force la.. encourage by me. at last she register also.. ^^ first time she manage to sing infront of public.. yeahh.. ^^ normally hor.. she wanna speak also don't dare lo.. haha.. good job..i'm proud of you.. ^^ After that, kor called and said that he didn't get through the next round.. owhh.. how sad.. hmm.. this competition also very weird wan lo.. contestant didn get to see or listen to judges faces and voices.. there's only a reflective mirror.. then a light.. if red means out and green means in.. and he said he only sang for about 10s.. what the... >.<"" Nevermine kor.. next year try again.. ^^

eating at low yat time..

at gasoline ^^

After that, we went back to Klang.. poor kor.. have to pay lots of tol.. because sharon guide wrong way.. we were suppose to go back from NKVE or Federal highway.. but we went to Kesas.. T_T then we went back to kor's house.. sharon so happy because get to see Bobo again.. haha.. took many pictures with her..

bobo and mei mei :)

imitating bobo..kaka.. XD

ling ling and bobo ^^

We played piano.. recorded quite many times too.. coz keep play wrong.. hahaha.. then a funny thing happen.. sharon fell down because the floor was wet outside.. kaka.. another poor thing happen.. dunno what happen to Bobo.. suddenly bite me and sharon.. don't know emo wat.. T.T maybe because me and sharon brought her to take picture facing the mirror.. and she got shock because of  that... haihh...sorry bobo.. bad kor.. bite me again.. walao.. 2 times somemore lo.. both of my hands red red liao.. T_T 

sharon's hand bite by bobo.. XD

my poor hand.. sui yan kor bite de.. T_T

Then later.. we went to Setia Alam's pasar malam.. bought and eat a lot of foods.. asam laksa.. fishball.. korean rice don't know what.. orange colour de.. then drinks.. then got a type of biscuits like kueh tapek wan.. kaka..
(forget to take pictures at pasar malam time.. keep hunt food..haha.. )

Then leh.. kor send sharon back.. and we both went dating.. haha.. went to Jusco Bukit Raja.. shopping time!! wakakkaka... kor not bad wor.. kinda shopaholic also.. kaka.. overall he bought a blue jacket from padini.. peach t-shirt from seed.. and finally a white t-shirt to match with the blue jacket.. which i sponsor him RM20..hehe..  thanks to me.. and i get to bite him back.. wakakaka... XD overall almost 100 bucks plus lo...hahaha..

nerdy ling ss.. lolx.. XD

Chern Yang aka kor XD

me and kor ss.. ^^

ling ss ^^
After that kor send me back.. he asked me to join them for MC's birthday party but i refuse to.. haha.. next time la.. kinda tired also... wanna go back do my online homework somemore.. haha.. XD k.. sleepy ling right now.. sleep sin lo.. tata... ^^

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