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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to train your dragon =)

As planned, me and kor went to watch "How to train your dragon" movie.. It was amazing!!! Toothless was so damn cute lo... kakaka... great movie.. I rated 10/10 haha.. A must to watch everyone.. :D What a coincidence.. going back time, give me see dao my dear old secondary school friend.. i didn't really face to face see her.. i saw her in the other car.. then i keep looking.. to make sure she really my friend.. she and her boyfriend was like "Why this girl keep looking at us??" hahaha... then I called her.. Yes indeed!! It was her...hahaha... my eyes no bad lo.. quite sharp de.. =P

out tickets =)


Toothless damn damn cute lo....hahaha... XD

At night.. i maxed kor to 3B.. haha.. while maxing.. when he was not with me, my cash was like 10B... never had so many cash before..kakaka.. happy for a while.. so print screen it lo.. give ownself shuang yi xia... =P but still have to buy him back at last.. keep at 3B.. :D

10B cash >.<""

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