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Thursday, April 22, 2010

ADP April 2010 orientation

ADP orientation day!!! haha.. it's a new sem.. april 2010.. normally.. every april semester, ADP students would be like.. WHOAAA.... so many... but now?? not more than 20 nia.. sei lo like that.. =.=" I remember when my intake during last april 2009 time, all of us was like 40 plus lo... and my seniors got a total around 60 plus.. it's like keep on getting lesser and lesser students.. then next year de april sem ma 0 students liao lo?? hahahaha.... no la no la.. actually next year, our college shifting to Sg.Besi ma.. that's why lo.. most of the students choose HICT because of the location since its nearer and mostly are from Klang.. but bo huat.. i also join jor... next year.. follow shift lo.. stay campus or rent houses or apartment outside lo.. =)
Eh.. I thought I was talking about orientation de?? haha.. back here.. helping... err.. suppose to say.. having fun around with them for the campus tour.. and listen to few talks.. haha..


so few ppl lehT.T

lolx.. my funny face..hahaha.. 

aww.. they seems enjoying.. i didn go during the 2nd day.. haha

wah wah.. sexy mathew.. kakaka.. XD

Well.. we were suppose to stay and help for game.. there la.. got one people la.. suddenly got feeling wanna sing k.. lolx.. then off we go.. kaka.. greeenbox.. ^^ lalala... i can't sing also.. cough badly.. T.T

After sing k all of us without cy and wh went to eat at bukit tinggi.. then 2nd round eat ice at botanic.. discussing where to go the day after.. discuss for so long.. from a to z.. then z to a.. finally.. didn't decide anything.. >.<" go back all onling only decide.. swt la... finally choose to go genting.. lol.. haha.. off to bed.. ^^

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