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Monday, April 26, 2010

Berkeley corner

Kor came a while.. while we wait for Sharon to go back home.. haha.. treat him eat wei ren's birthday cake somemore.. nice ma? lolx.. after that, fetch sharon from her house then went to eat at berkeley corner.. so coincidencely.. saw desmond them.. jason..vincent.. chee siang.. and etc.. haha... all guys lo.. then going back time, i saw mummy's car.. i got shock and thought they at there.. went to search around..
who knows they put car at there nia.. haha.. lolx.. swt la.. >.<"" after that, went around klang "yao cheh hor".. lol.. all of us seems interested to look at other people's beautiful de house.. wakakka.. but really very pretty lo.. all damn sibeh rich de.. somemore got 3 or 5 houses all stick together de.. uncle aunty amah ah gong all stay together.. wan pai nian time, straight walk to beside nia.. haha.. sharon even brought us to the accident place at KU.. don't know what they say 7 days the "ling hwen" will come back.. i also blur blur de.. kor was abit scare.. remind me of those thai movie he used to watch ALONE and don't dare to sleep during night.. ahahha.. blek.. =p off to bed.. zzz.. ^^

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