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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crazy thing which I do before exam

SWIMMING!!!! =.="" went swimming with brother and mummy.. geh gao lo.. end up.. midnight only reach home.. manage to take few photos though.. =P

swimming in the children's pool =.="

Don't dare to go in at first...hahaha

The seats? @@

I spoiled the goggle.. again.. >.<"

curi snap.. =P

The light..hahaha

water on the bench.. 

love this light =)

started to ss liao lo.. =P

take 2 XD

take 3 ^^

take 4 =)

Mummy went to lim teh with friend somemore.. bo huat lo.. i have to follow also what.. >.<" haha.. but that ah poon uncle.. damn funny lo.. he was telling us about his daughter stories.. 1 week only go to school one time.. what the.. can you imagine that? he said his daughter will call him go to school and pick her up because she stomach pain and lots more reason.. but at home.. watching cartoon.. "HA HA HA"... lolx.. another daughter more geng.. every Monday is holiday.. you know why?? because monday got spot check...hahahaha... damn funny lo the way he was telling.. oall of us keep laughing non stop...hahaha... btw... the abc ice cream was quite nice though.. Help to promote again..  =p I forgot the cafe's name but it is located at Bukit Tinggi 1.. and its opposite the shop which got many hawker's stall de..haha.. haiya.. next time bring you go la.. i think i still know how to go gua.. =P

ABC Ice cream... looks nice right?? It is nice though ^^

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