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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

E-Curving.. xP

Watched Future X- Cops with ck at Cathay Damansara.. He says he prefer to watch at there afterall.. haha.. but.. it was my first time watching there though.. screen was big enough.. the place was quite different from TGV and GSC.. the way of ordering drinks was different too.. lol.. haha.. well.. as for the movie.. not bad a.. i so scare it would turn out not nice but it was not bad though.. rated 7/10 :D After movie, we loiter around Ikea and Ikano..guess what.. it was my first time been to there too..haha.. great place though.. pity those people lor.. buy those furniture and house items.. all need to wrap ownself de.. haha.. xD

ticket also different de.. blue colour wan..haha.. =P

cute dolls pose.. errr.. consider cute la. although are scary creatures.. haha.. 

i thought it was chilli at first.. lol.. hahaha... XD

ck and pl =)

random posing ^^

pl in colourful room ^^

coke coke and more coke... hahaha

so big de lollipop leh... hahaha..

white piano!! lovely =)

The Street :)

After that, went to Aeon bukit tinggi to buy stuffs for PD.. so hard for them to decide which alcohol to buy.. haha.. but at last.. bought the 40% Vodka.. haha... xP 

enyu choosing lemon.. seems like very pro hor.. haha.. 

timbang timbang..

price or gram?? >.<"

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