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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Exam nightmare >.<"

I wonder why these few days i keep have dream.. yeah... yesterday night another one.. phew.. and this dream was a bit scary.. because i actually dream that all of us get out IT210 result.. as i could remember when teacher was giving out the marks, i was sleeping.. and i did not hear what my marks was.. when i woke up, she just finished give out all the marks and asked those who passed can go out from the class and those failed one stay.. i thought i failed hence i stayed.. other than me, i saw ivan and joyling.. others.. didn's appear in my dream.. maybe they did but i could'nt remember.. i was so sad then i went to ask miss rajani  for my marks and i got 90 marks!!!.. haha.. it means that i didn't fail.. i was so glad then i went out from the class.. pheww.. then as i could remember, i went to find sharon and cheryl across the bridge.. don't know where.. besides that, i remember i went to find keyboard with wh at marketing.. but then, we went to don't know where down the hill and when we came up, i got lost somewhere near a hotel.. i was trying to climb up the hill but could'nt because it was too high.. Hence, a man saw me and lend me a hand.. soon later, wh came back and we both went back to marketing.. i don't know what's the relation with the HILL and MARKETING but i just did dream about it.. funny me.. >.<"" then as i could hear is my brother's alarm sound and i'm awake from my dream after that.. lol..

Decorated my country story today.. very nice leh.. =P

Me and my brother hungry.. too free.. so.. hahaha.. when came up to cooking.. i sure got many kang tao liao.. i explore the kitchen kao kao.. so decided to fry hotdog + fries + shredded chicken.. haha.. the fries not ready made somemore.. i eventually took the potato and cut it small small pieces..hehehe.. ^^ not bad lo.. my brother eat finish..bleks.. =P

Hotdogs at the most ouside.. then cut potatoes.. plus some shredded chickens =)

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