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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Exam week T___T

First exam.. ACC201.. omg.. my balance sheet.. my income statement.. owner's equity all was balance.. but i think i got miss out few details.. sure cut few marks from there.. a question about bank de.. i leave it BLANK!!!!.. because i don't even know what is that.. i didn't copy the revision question that lecturer gave.. the day i went to HUC.. forget to ask from friend somemore.. haih.. T_T  Then siao po Sharon sms me my IT210 de result.. only got 34?1!!! don't know out of 60 or 70.. she even said.. If  final get 100% also cannot pass..Walao...  GG liao lo.. RIP YAP PEI LING.. Remember bring more chocolates when visiting me time ya? [preferred Ferrero Rocher or Kinder Bueno] >.<""" 

2nd day exam.. INT113 and OL125.. well.. this both i think i can overcome it.. I'm very confident for my OL125.. but don't know la.. tried my best afterall.. =)

Last day of exam.. IT210.. 22 chapters to study.. units plus business plug in.. hell great.. the night before, i still went to swimming pool woth my mummy and brother.. i thought it would be a while nia.. go swim swim.. then go back home.. mana zai....... mummy somemore go mamak eat.. then go bukit tinggi find friend yamcha somemore.. walao.. no need study liao la.. when i reached home, after bath everything.. already 12am.. actually planned don't wanna sleep.. stay overnight to study.. but i read till I slept lo.. automatically wake up at 3am plus.. then beh tahan liao.. off light.. go up sleep.. tomorrow wait die nia la.. >.<"

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