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Monday, April 19, 2010

Fantastic dream =D

Whoaa......... guess what time i wake up today?? hahahaha... i woke up at 6pm man.. my goodness... although haven't break my record which is 7pm.. but.. almost jor la... kaka.. really don't feel like waking up actually... well.. i did wake up few times because of alarm and sms.. but press away then continue sleep.. haha.. I really had an amazing dream... really feel like being inside the dream only.. hahaha.. wanna know what i dreamt about? kaka.. In the dream, it's a MAGIC world... all human.. i mean US.. have magic power.. and we could fly..haha.. each of us had a wand.. so cool right.. reminds me of Harry Potter movie.. i just love magic so much.. haha.. how i wish we could just fly like damn using broomstick.. or use magic powder say few magic words then you can go the place you wanted.. any better idea? yeah.. the hookie pokkie.. hahhaa.. remember when harry and his friends who was first time using it.. when they landed they flew all over the place..hahaha.. damn damn nice lo.. hehe.. ok.. back to my dream.. in my dream.. i was at my school.. lol.. playing around with my magic power.. seems like only I'm the only person who knows magic..and naughty me.. start to fool and play people around.. hahaha.. yeah.. then.. don't know because of what, i forgot.. suddenly whole world was destroyed.. =( everything was black black.. like in the underworld.. then my grandma.. if i'm not mistaken.. don't know got what magic.. she taught me few magic words and ask me to use my wand to go and save the world.. and so I did.. eh eh... not wand la.. is my finger.. yeah.. my finger because at the last part.. I could't really use it well.. because my grandma past away.. and then the magic power went off just like that.. that time was so sad.. i took my dad and fly with me and told him about what's happening around the world.. actually I only can save few parts of the world.. I mean like close friends or family.. so some part of the place still black black de.. err.. after that, i woke up jor.. realised it was 6pm!!! lolx.. :D

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