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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Genting Trip XD

Genting!!! Here we come.. haha.. after so long.. since.. erm.. not that long la actually.. haha.. last year.. Nov 2009.. this time.. was also my first time been there by ktm.. lrt and bus.. great experience btw.. 6 of us went there.. we were lucky because there is this one lady willing to sell her room at First World Hotel to us with abit cheaper de price which is 100 bucks.. save 60 bucks leh.. not bad not bad.. haha.. first time go genting didn't play theme park leh.. T_T but we don't have enough time also.. we spend most of our time sleeping.. and walking around lo.. =) nothing much to play, we went to safari.. explore the gardens.. "sui mi kong" kakaka... the maze garden was cute though.. think back of the time when we walk on the stone.. our reaction was so funny.. haha.. this time took lots of pictures, pictures and pictures.. lol.. although just two days and one night.. but.. bo huat la.. all of us are super camwhores.. blek.. =P 

[ paiseh.. lazy to edit and post picture.. go facebook see ba.. >.<"" ]

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

chaozz............ nite.. ^^

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