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Friday, April 9, 2010

Hunting for lengzai =P

Lol.. this post very wu liao actually... hahaha... i posted a status a facebook.. 

"Searching for lengzai... Any lengzai here?? lolx.. xP"

The purpose is not to find bf.. pls.. lol.. is actually i wanna find more lengzai pet fro my ffs...hahaha... well... some did comment.. say he ownself lengzai.. lolx.. many thought i wanna find bf and come and ask whether he got chance bo? what the.. lol.. end up.. 5 people like and 82 comments.. @.@!/babyling0809?v=wall&story_fbid=117177324959014

Then as I had promised kor.. I will help him to level up two dish to level 10 in rc after finals.. the alien food and the chocolate egg.. which those ingredient is limited and only can send de.. so.. I hunt for ingredient from all my frens account.. open all account i know.. then send to each other.. then accept.. then trade with my account.. then use my account trade back with kor's account.. end up.. 3.30am only can sleep.. T.T see i sacrifice so much for you.. happy liao lo level 10 liao.. haha..

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