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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ji-Mui Monthly dinner 1 =)

Hahaha.. all ji-muiss.. has decided to have a dinner everyone month.. the purpose of doing so.. to enhance our relationship i guess?? haha.. lolx.. so as planned.. we went to eat seafood at port klang.. hee.. ^^ although most of the food i can't eat and don't eat.. but.. everybody else seems to enjoy their food.. hehe.. happy for them.. haha.. all of us were so noisy that time.. guess other table de also beh tahan with us liao.. kaka.. not much picture that we took because everyone seems to be sick.. haha.. i was not really in mood though.. sick plus "something else"..  took 4 pictures nia leh.. break record jor.. haha.. they were planning for next month's dinner already.. haha.. i heard kenji.. i suggest tony rama.. =P well.. some did suggest.. we save money for next month where we go mamak =.=" then the next month only go kao kao lat de.. since cheryl was bout to boroke after she went to so many trip.. kakaka.. well.. see how lo.. hehe..^^ after seafood. all of us when to pandamaran to have our dessert.. "tong shui" aa.. intro by our CY daddy.. lolx.. peace and had a great dinner.. JI-MUI Roxx.. XD

our first dinner.. theme : seafood ^^

JI MUI edit with xiao qin 1

JI MUI edit with CY daddy 2

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