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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Movies =)

Watched two movies today.. haha.. "Zhuo ren" and "Haunted room" today.. I'll go with haunted room first.. i rated 2/10.. what the hell.. great posters.. but movie was like.. kns lo.. >.<"" thai movie not suppose to be scary wan meh?? ish ish ish... before movie i so scare i will shout or scream during the movie.. but turns out.. wahahhaha... lame.. boring.. sien.. not scary at all.. wasted 7 bucks.. ish.. fine.. whatever.. then.. because of some "coincidence error", we went to watch another movie again.. lol.. "zhuo ren" but at least this movie was much more better than the haunted room lo!!!!!  haha... singapore movie.. also this few actors and actresses nia..   the liang director somemore ownself act as waiter in the movie.. kaka.. XD "i wan hot hot?!" hahahaa... don't understand go see the movie.. blek.. =P oh ya... rated 7/10 for it..  =)

haunted room ticket.. =x

zhuo ren.. haha.. 

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