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Sunday, April 11, 2010

MV shooting

Today actually we was suppose to start shooting in the afternoon.. around 12pm.. but then because of some technical problem.. haha.. cancel jor afternoon de scene.. straight to night de scene nia.. hence.. went to sleep.. lolx.. haha.. if not can follow sharon them to liao.. missed out to see jj lin.. lolx.. as i know, charmine even went there to perform to.. miss her too leh.. haih.. bo huat lo.. not I want also de ma.. so as planned, night time, began our shooting journey.. actually this shooting was abit special..haha.. you know why.. as like others.. if got shooting.. sure got some crews de.. few other cameras.. but leh.. this mv leh.. all allan's solo work..hahaha.. pity him lo.. all his friend ffk him.. promise him wanna help for the MV but end up didn't make it.. hence, the main character inside the video only me, him and his sister.. haha.. don't know how he gonna edit it.. kaka.. and this shooting hor.. is with his family de.. i damn gang ga lo.. >.<" when his mum come fetch me time, inside the car got him lo.. his mum, aunt and nephew.. nephew called Isaac.. si beh cute wan lo...hahaha... 3 years plus if not mistaken.. eyes damn pretty man.. mixture de ma.. ^^ haha.. We went to KP Old town sit a while.. I was like.. Ha?? KP again... sien liao lo...hahaha.. but nevermind la.. because we wanna wait for his sister.. at KP, i met wae yee.. and her wife.. haha.. saw munna and zain also.. chit chat a while.. so long didn't see dao them liao..haha.. they just back with sharon from lo.. well.. guess they had fun though :D
After that, we went and fetch his sister and cousin.. wahh.. charm.. >.<"  Proceed to out shooting destination.. I-city.. unfortunately.. it was too jam jor.. damn many car.. sui ka.. haha..  bo huat.. change destination.. we went to sunway.. travel outside MOS.. kaka.. =p so we shoot the last part of the mv.. nearby the hotel.. Before going back, we went to eat at KFC.. reach home around 1am plus.. my parents haven't back.. no wonder la my dad didn't call me la.. kakaka... When he came back, i told him about my shooting day.. about how gang ga am I with his family time.. he was just smiling.. hahaha... sleep now.. continue for tomorrow's shooting.. ^^ 

Sunway scene ^^

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