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Monday, April 19, 2010

PC Fair :D

Went to PC Fair with sharon, ck and sm.. we go there by KTM and LRT.. me and ck arrive late because we went to take our touch and go.. make sharon and sm waited for so long.. sorry.. T.T well.. This time de pc fair.. not really many people.. when we walk time still got space de.. hahaha.. remind me when i work once for pc fair last dec 2009.. lolx.. had a great experience.. tired of standing.. >.<"" the level which suppose to have many many game also don't have jor.. so.. no lenglui to see.. wakakaka.. XD all of us went there bought nothing except sm.. haha.. he bought a 320G external hard disk.. ish.. i also want leh.. kaka.. =D

surrounding 1

surrounding 2

KLCC view =)

Suria KLCC from far.. 

chocolates!!! omg.. i want.. T.T

Ck wanted to go to Esprit so long d.. lolx.. XD

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