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Friday, April 16, 2010

PD Trip (14-16th April 2010)

PD Trip... What can I say.. haha.. well.. it's definitely would be an unforgettable trip for me.. many things had happened during this trip and after this trip.. because of this trip also, I get to know and learn a lot of things.. Not only that, I gain experiences as well.. guess I have to grow up and be mature abit.. haha.. 3 days 2 nights.. 16 of us all together.. 8 girls and 8 guys.. happy, sad, funny, pain, hurt, shocking, tired.. only all of us know the most.. =) Went there in three cars.. we went swimming.. sauna.. to the beach.. play with banana boat and the donut thing.. which is super geng de.. lolx.. nice adventure..haha.. =D thanks to pek kuan and the gang.. who make us many yum yum yummy de food.. haha.. our breakfast, lunch and also dinner.. ^^ The games.. ciap kut.. haha.. make me think of my mummy and aunty them.. whenever got "mood" or festival or gathering.. sure lai lo.. ciap kut.. kaka.. True or Dare.. err.. suppose to call it Dare game.. Who got the king lucky lo.. who's card number kena call ma sui lo.. haha.. anyway, it's just a game.. don't have to take it too seriously.. ^^ Drink drink drink?? "First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you." Learnt a lesson from here.. haha.. "Don't drink too much la if you can't drink.. hmm.." Yeah.. I'm saying myself.. haha.. causes trouble and havoc around.. making everyone worried and tired.. foolish me.. For the first time I drank so much and vommited so much too.. honestly, I had never finish a can of Carlsberg beer or even Tiger beer before.. usually I drank wine or champagne also few glasses only.. so I don't know whether I really can drink or what.. conclusion.. I'm not a good drinker.. Still can drink and drink nonstop till I get drunk.. LMAO.. Last day before heading back to Klang, we went to pai pai at a temple nearby.. not to forget.. we did took alot alot alot of our camwhoring pictures because all of us are super camwhores...hahaha.. three cameras all together if not mistaken.. hahax.. XD Overall, great trip though.. and sorry for all the troubles which I causes during this trip.. cheers =)

Here we are... Glory Beach Hotel =)

The view taken from our balconi ^^

Beach view =D

Fun in the water ^^

Love in the water =)

chu chu pan.. lol ^^

Steamboat lut lut :D

Playing mahjong time.. kaka.. XD

RM25 bun?? lol..

At the beach =D

I'm enjoying the beautiful view.. haha.. =)

Lining up.. ^^

Satay time.. xP

At the temple ^^

All in this together =)

After trip, don't know how the red dot appear at my hand de.. pain de lo..  >.<"

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