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Monday, April 5, 2010

Qing Ming jie

I was alone at home in the afternoon.. so.. since got more hotdogs from yesterday de.. so i took it and cook again.. but this time, I over fried the chicken.. all black black jor.. T.T but I still eat it.. not bad wor.. lol..

Night time... go amah house eat..haha.. Qing Ming ma =) Although not many food and simple nia.. but my amah's cooking always the best.. not amah only.. popo's also... aiya.. shortcut.. homecooked food is the best =D

Foods =) making me hungry now..lolx.. XD

My favourite "te to teng".. but i love the soup nia.. i don't eat the meat de..hahaha...

BaKuTeh.. so oilly leh...hahaha... 

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