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Monday, April 12, 2010

What a day =)

Tired day.. don't wanna talk much too.. lazy to write also.. so.. conclusion.. 
Morning continue shooting around botanic shop lots and botanic garden near kor's house.. after that, lunch at kim gary.. in car, ss with whye loon.. ^^

Scene around botanic shop lots

scene at botnic garden =)

ss with shirley jie ^^

ss with whye loon ^^

4 of us at kim gary =D

foods ^^

drinks =P

my work xP

outside kim gary =)

ss in the car.. lolx.. i just love to take pictures..xP

Then Shirley send me to kor's house and we went to Sunway.. watched Clash of the titans 3D.. booked ticket jor last night.. haha.. almost couldn't make it on time because he thought we re watching at Aeon.. still can po po ma ma.. swt la.. =.=" but we manage to make it on time lo.. well.. the movie a.. not bad la.. although some part don't understand.. only got mandarin subtitle >.<" loiter around.. walk around.. window shopping... take many many pictures.. eat at Korean restaurant at Asian Avenue.. ^^

RM18 de ticket =D

me and bear bear =)


looks nice hor?? yum yum... ^^

actually this photo and the above de.. is not real food lai de.. [for display only] hahax.. XD

kor eat eat eat.. i drink drink drink.. =P 

lol.. the picture maker machine.. hahaha...

so fair hor me.. kaka.. XD

play play play.. still small meh??haha

oh.. this is sooooooo cute....PIKA PIKA.. pikachuuuuuuu!!!!!! ^^

me and kor.. ^^

After that, yam cha at asia cafe.. Sharon, sm, and ck came by.. chit chat a while.. felt night is still young... went all the way to E curve.. to watch movie..haha.. mana zai.. go till there.. close jor..lolx.. bo huat.. end up loitering around lo.. go back time.. cy and sm like wanna race car nia.. suddenly speed up.. somemore gam gam the hotel room service song.. make me high nia.. hahaha.. I reached home around 1am plus if I'm not mistaken.. sharon, sm and ck somemore go yam cha till 3am plus.. lolx.. 

we didn't go in la.. stay outside nia.. haha.. lolx.. 

ck and horse @.@

tired jor meh.. haha.. 

So conclusion.. what a tired whole day.. i went out from morning till midnight.. kena daddy scold again.. T.T bla bla bla.. sleep lo... zzzzzz.......

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