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Thursday, May 6, 2010

05052010 =D

Mushroom head.. oppss.. haha.. CK cut hair.. lolx.. cut too short ady.. but for me.. ok la.. maybe just bu xi guan ba.. =) me and sharon accompany him go aeon monsoon cut.. the hair stylist so cool lo.. don't want talk de.. sharon was so damn noisy.. keep talk and talk and talk.. beh stop de.. she even try to tell joke.. just to make the hair stylist laugh.. but seems don't really success lo.. wahaha.. swt.. after that had our lunch.. he was late for his public speaking class.. lolx.. got speech somemore.. =.=" the next day will our turn.. T.T haha.. conclusion.. CK de hair = like mushroom leh.. hahaha..never mind la.. i also got mushroom hair before.. also quite cute what.. hehe.. ^^ sharon's comment = look more CLEAN.. =.=" means before this dirty? lolx.. haha.. i think she mean look more tidy gua.. hehe.. 

wash wash wash.. 


cut cut cut

take a pic =D

waiting.. lolx.. 

pose pose pose ^^


After class, me and ck went to E curve.. unlucky day I suppose.. his car got problem.. keep cannot start.. T.T engine problem I guess.. so when we arrive there also quite late jor.. around 7pm plus.. wanna watch Iron man 2.. lolx.. but no time jor.. all full.. @@ so watch midnight show lo.. 11.55pm whereby we got around 3 more hours to go.. haha.. so went to eat at Garden.. design of the restaurant is very similar to Fullhouse.. very pretty =) food was ok la.. not bad.. ^^ first time drinking flower tea too.. the taste for me abit weird weird de.. lolx.. haha.. then went loiter around while waiting for time to pass.. movie time.. maybe I was abit blur.. almost fall asleep in cinema.. bad timing I guess.. lolx.. but overall.. the movie was not bad la.. for me.. I rate 6/10..  =) papa called me.. as I expected.. "why so late haven't go back??".. give him say say yi xia.. a while more.. mummy called.. also say say yi xia.. suan.. >.<" haizz.. xi guan jiu hao lo.. reached home around 3am.. all also sleep jor lo.. >.<" sleep sleep..zzz @@

ck.. =)

ling ling.. lol

Garden :)

fish and chips =D

mashed potato.. ^^

lavender tea ^^

mayonis and sauce =.="

surrounding 1

surrounding 2

surrounding 3

white piano.. nice =)

loitering around at nearby hotel =)

11.55pm.. >.<"

waiting... =x

i wanna watch this movie!!! XD

Not to forgotten.. today was mummy's birthday as well.. lol.. she requested not to buy cake.. so papa didn't buy lo... haha.. btw.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY =) 05.05.2010

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