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Monday, May 10, 2010

Another suprise for dear Cheryl =)

Today is Cheryl's birthday.. 10th of May 2010..  As planned, we had another suprise for her where we plan to bring the birthday cake and suddenly go into her class and sing happy birthday song.. haha.. but plan change jor.. she came to marketing and everyone of us who were hiding there suddenly pop out and sing birthday song for her.. haha.. another suprise.. even miss katherine also celebrate with us together.. since she were there that time.. haha.. after our Com212 class.. me, sharon and xiao qin jie hurry went down to Secret Recipe to buy the cake while cheryl is in the class..  haha.. 12 slices of different type of cakes.. yum yumm.. thx do dennie's idea.. hehe.. ^^

12 slices of Secret Recepi cakes.. =D

Happy 19th birthday Cheryl =)

All guys.. ^^ [girls pic coming soon ^^]

aiyoyo.. where that sharon looking at?? haha

me and dear =D

take a picture ^^

everyone is enjoying the cake.. kakaka.. XD

yum yum yummm.. ^^

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