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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cheryl's suprise 19th birthday dinner =D

Finally.. today is the day.. after so long planning.. err.. well.. not that long la actually.. i also don't know.. mostly sharon planned de.. haha.. we wanna make a suprise dinner for cheryl's birthday. She had invited all of us to dinner and clubbing after that few days before her birthday, but all of us rejected her and yes indeed.. she was very very upset and dissapointed. And that's a part of our plan actually. She don't know that we have another suprise for her which is on her real birthday 10th of May. On the dinner day where she planned on her own, she cried. Then jie fu told us about it and we felt sorry. Don't expected that she will cry also de.. Hence, jie fu planned a suprise dinner for her which all of us will be there and Cheryl doesn't know about it at all!!! hahaha.. as planned, jie fu will bring cheryl to the 88 steamboat buffet restaurant while the rest of us continue with our crazy plan. Me and sharon were keep making the stars and swan origami for us non-stop for the whole afternoon before dinner night. We so scare that we couldn't make it finish on time because we have to make 19 swans in 10 different colours and finish off all the stars.. not sure the amount but we manage to finish everything on time.. around 5pm.. gam gam ho.. haha..  why 19? 19th birthday ma.. haha.. after that, went to fetch zain,munna and sampath then take the birthday cake and proceed to the restaturant.. Me,cy,sharon and jessie were hiding in the toilet before cheryl come and we went out one by one.. pop out infront of her to give her the suprise.. coz she never thought that all of us will be there at all.. hahaha.. she even thought sharon at ipoh..she was so damn shocked to see us there.. wakakkaa... our plan was a success because cheryl was totally speechless..damn happy and damn touching.. and she cried.. all of us enjoyed the day and eat happily.. too bad angel,wae yee and heng shen can't join us because mostly have to celebrate mother's day with their family.. well.. i did ask them to record a happy birthday song for cheryl as well whereby i will put it in the MV..hehe.. ^^ wow.. what a long essay.. lolx.. i will upload few pictures nia..more pictures look at cheryl's profile.. toodles.. ^^

link for cheryl's 19th birthday MV (which took me almost whole day to finish it.. >.<") -

food food and foodss =D

Hiding in the toilet.. =P

All of us =)

Chocolate indulgent.. yum yumm.. ^^

cut birthday cake lo.. =D

two dears kissing cheryl.. so ham fuk.. haha.. XD

she have to do a simple task ^^

kiss jie fu!! muax muax.. hehe.. ^^

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