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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Death @@

Today i dream again.. this dream was abit scary... because it related to death.. and national service =.="
it's like all of us have to jump across from a very very high place.. if not have to die.. I was so scare because if didn't jump across.. drop down also die.. didn't jump also die.. everyone was waiting for me one person.. so scare to jump.. some jump and drop down.. some manage to jump across.. finally all my family beh tahan liao.. dun wan choi me ady.. all of them left.. without wasting time, I quickly jump and manage to jump across safely.. at that moment, I thought I will die.. =.=" after that, I'm so happy and quickly run towards family.. then all I could remember is we went to amah house.. then take bath.. then.. wake up d.. swt dream... =.=""


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