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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dr.Leow Chee Seng =)

My first INT113 class today and I'm late for almost an hour.. lol.. however, I still enter the class because its two class straight.. means three hours.. if I skip it, means i will miss two classes.. lol.. the lecturer.. Dr.Leow.. si beh funny de lo.. haha.. when I went in, i said Hello.. I saw soya was standing infront holding Dr.Leow's hand and I don't know why.. and.. of coz.. everyone was looking at me.. then told me "This is the drama class, are you sure you are in the right class??" I straight answer him that I know i'm in the right class.. lolx.. for sure I know ma.. venue was in timetable and all my friends who enrolled for this subject were inside.. swt la.. haha.. then he continue with his drama.. yuan lai he is teaching us the proper way to SHAKE HAND.. different culture.. haha.. he even ask someone to go out to show us the proper way of FINE DINING.. given a bread, a knife and a butter.. I did went for a dining etiquette training la.. but I they didn't taught me how to eat bread in a proper way.. swt.. haha.. and guess what.. he even asked us to wear FORMAL during the next class.. OMG la.. because he wanna see how we dress up and he would give comment about it.. well.. the way he teach was abit special.. and ont thing we can't deny.. He loves to talk.. haha.. when he talk about A.. he can talk till Z de thing.. >.<"" Not only formal dress.. he even asked each of us to bring crayon, cellophane tape, and wooden card if I'm not mistaken.. haha.. he say he wanna play a game with us.. instead of study, he wanna play some game with us.. so cute.. hahaha... XD

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